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Yeah, fictional verses have worker similarities at base level. But therein lies the differences between real world mods and fictional mods.

Real world mods are benefitted from having a set structure in place. You take a year in wrestling and you build the mod around that. You've got footage of the workers doing what they were doing from that year. You've got the iconic stars, the underrated favourites and the notoriously political workers. You've literally got the information you need to build the mod up.

Fictional verses have a ton of under the hood stuff that people don't necessarily know about. To peel back the curtain a little bit, Thunderverse Diamond started development on the 10th of January this year. We've spent at least six months purely discussing what to do with the world and each region. We've had to sit and think about where the big names should be placed, what happens to some indie stars and any surprise moves that we can pull off. Not only that, we've still got to come up with unique characters (my avatar says hello. Or he would if he could talk. _) complete with renders and stats and such. Whilst you do have the old wrestling stereotypes, it's how they're implemented in the mod that makes them unique. It's a very baseline thought to look at a worker and go "Urgh, another brawling Irish man" without analyzing the context of the worker in the mod.

Whilst the above might seem like a tangent and it by no means sullies the work real world mod makers put into getting each worker picture perfect (or perfect by their own subjective thought), it highlights the difference between the two philosophies of mod making we've got going on in here. I'm not quite entirely sure why fictional verses were even brought into the discussion here but as someone more grounded in the mod making process of fictional verses, I thought I'd just throw my two pence in.
Posted this but it got deleted by clean up (Damn you PRIDE LYRIUUUUUUUUUUM!)

Genuinely curious to hear a RW modder's take on this line of thought and thought I'd throw it out in here for open discussion.
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