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I do think we have to look at the big picture here.

I wouldn't buy this game without real world mods, for me I just can't get into playing with made up people.

Also I do like to mod and edit things, I probably don't have much time, but I have tried to either help where I can or test where I can. Now I'm not interested in credit at all. Don't get me wrong if I made a mod I would like people to know I did it just so in future people may one to me for help, but you have to realise with a real world mod, you are not making the mod up yourself, you are actually replicating real life.

I can understand getting upset if it is a fictional mod, because that is that persons own ideas,

Adam could not sell the game with a real life mod as the database because he could easily get taken to court and lose, so all real life mods are made without licences and therefore are not any persons own ideas, you're replicating real life, locations, workers, relationships, everything is an actual copy of something. The only real life mods that the maker actually has any sort of stamp on is the alternate mods, but they still use real people, locations and companies.

So I'm on the side of really you can't complain if someone wants to use a database you have made based on real life, because that idea is not yours, the world is not yours, the permission to actually use the names and pictures are not yours.

I do just want to say though, all mod makers deserve a hell of a lot of credit, especially those who's mods I've used (off the top of my head) justxyank, Genedi and the mod squad, give (I think) fleish, all deserve the credit for what they've done for real world mods, there's a lot of names I've missed off, but as long as you are credited (you should be given the option because the mod could be changed to look so bad you don't want asscoating with it) then you should be happy. Working together and making better mods is what we should all aim for.

If we have 3 different versions of 2016 then that's a good thing because 1 mod maker might be good at putting the mod together but be terrible with stats, another guy could be bad at putting mods together and use the first guys mod and change it into a much much better mod.

I suppose I've gone on a bit, is anyone up for making a celebrity based mod?
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