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Originally Posted by Peter.1986 View Post
I can understand getting upset if it is a fictional mod, because that is that persons own ideas,

Adam could not sell the game with a real life mod as the database because he could easily get taken to court and lose, so all real life mods are made without licences and therefore are not any persons own ideas, you're replicating real life, locations, workers, relationships, everything is an actual copy of something. The only real life mods that the maker actually has any sort of stamp on is the alternate mods, but they still use real people, locations and companies.

So I'm on the side of really you can't complain if someone wants to use a database you have made based on real life, because that idea is not yours, the world is not yours, the permission to actually use the names and pictures are not yours.
I'm fully of the belief that this game would be even more niche that it is, without the ability to have real world mods. It might not even be financially viable.

I just wanted to add though, I feel you're contradicting yourself with fictional vs non-fictional. The ratings, data collected etc are certainly original works, there's no single definitive way to measure a worker. It's a mod maker's ideas how good a person is at a given time, whether workers should have colour ratings, or not, whether they are a particular size, body weight. Even Ownership structures... I don't wish to bring an external debate here, but I know that there's been many discussions between myself, Genadi and justtxyank on how best to simulate WCW's ownership structures

There's many ways in which work into a mod is original to a point, and very much so I think people have a right to complain if someone wants to use their work without permission. As you'll know any kind of mod takes a certain kind of care and attention to detail into it to be in any way a good mod. What I don't like to see personally are two things:-

People mass importing a mod, and only making very small changes to the databases and not holding it to a high standard. Especially when lots of issues become apparent in that mod because worker stats are overpowered, or details are wrong because often - a worker created for a mod in 1997 is meant for 1997, not 1992 or 1993.

I also think that sometimes, credit given to people without asking is actually a reflection of that persons' work than the person creating the mod. If the details are wrong, and the mod attributes that part of the work to you (and not the author), then people will be less trusting of your work in future.

Asking for credit is great for a couple of things, its an endorsement but also oftentimes you will find people will be very much willing to help you out with mod specific changes and polish. There's many great members of the community that do this, TsuMirren, Genadi, justtxyank, Hive, Matt Shannon to name a few who are also great with feedback as well.

Everybody wants more mods but more importantly, everybody wants great mods. That's why I think communication and collaboration is so important. Everybody's mods become suddenly better when we're all discussing things and helping each other. It isn't helped though if some people are out for themselves and just want to take work from others and take credit themselves, without also contributing to the community as a whole.
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