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Originally Posted by Peter.1986 View Post
I can understand getting upset if it is a fictional mod, because that is that persons own ideas,

Adam could not sell the game with a real life mod as the database because he could easily get taken to court and lose, so all real life mods are made without licences and therefore are not any persons own ideas, you're replicating real life, locations, workers, relationships, everything is an actual copy of something. The only real life mods that the maker actually has any sort of stamp on is the alternate mods, but they still use real people, locations and companies.

So I'm on the side of really you can't complain if someone wants to use a database you have made based on real life, because that idea is not yours, the world is not yours, the permission to actually use the names and pictures are not yours.
No offense, but it's pretty clear that you don't know how it feels to spend hundreds of hours of your life creating a mod. Once again, it's the people who doesn't mod themselves that are the strongest proponents for the "just do as you please with no regard to anyone" philosophy.

It baffles me to no end that something as simple as "Hey, we'd like you to simply throw us a PM asking for permission as a sign of respect" can be objected to so fiercely. We're not asking you for money or your first born, we're asking for respect for our hard work. How on earth can that be perceived as being too much to ask for???

To me, this kind of behaviour is both shocking and sad. And while I cannot speak for others, I can tell you that if Adam's rules about asking permission are lifted, I'll personally stop making mods for the masses. We modders spend soooo much time you non-modders probably wouldn't believe it trying to create a flush gameworld and a great experience for others for free - and if we can't even be shown the simplest form of gratitude and respect for our work, then why bother?
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