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As a guy who simply doesn't have the time, patience or know-how to create a mod, I just wanted to say that without question, mod makers deserve to be asked weather someone can use their work.

I sometimes mess around with a few stats in the mods I download for personal preference and would never dream of going "Hey, here's this amazing mod that Fleisch poured hundreds of hours of his life into and I've increased the in-ring stats because I prefer it that way so this is now my mod version 1.0"

I also don't buy into the whole "The more mods the better" argument.
I would much rather have less mods but know that the ones we have were slaved over for months and are of the highest quality.
No offence meant at all to BITW because he's totally free to do what he wants but I have avoided his mods because I know they are rushed and will be nowhere near the quality I will get from the Mod Squad, Hive, Fleisch etc.

The bottom line is, download mods from the people you trust and you will have an awesome experience. Unfortunately that means you sometimes have to wait a little longer (I mean where is the Montreal Prelude already lol) but trust me, the experience will be worth the wait.

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