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Originally Posted by Hive View Post
That's now how copyright works at all. And boy, do you simplify the efforts into making a real world mod. If it's that damn easy, why bother to use the work of others at all? I mean, you make it sound as if the mod pretty much codes itself...

I'll agree with this: the argument went a bit overboard, on both sides I'd say. And I played a part in that. It could have been handled better, sure.

I guess we're just from different worlds, then - because it would never even cross my mind not asking for permission, whether it's a rule or not. It's simply common decency to me.

No, the real issue here is that some people have a sense of entitlement that overtrumphs the most basic common decency.

Your picking out what you want from my posts and totally ignoring the rest of it.

I am not saying any less work goes into real world mods, it's harder for the fact everyone has an opinion on it.

I'm not on about copyright, but if you are talking about copyright, you can not copyright something where you include 1,000 's of real life people without having their permission.
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