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Originally Posted by southernwebb04 View Post
Maybe someone can help me, it's (I think) a pretty basic question.

I want to do a Real World + Cornellverse + Thunderverse save. I know this would normally make the database really, really big, but I'm just hoping to import the workers only.

I know I can do the import feature and be good to go. If I was playing a Real World save from say 2006, are the Cornellverse/Thunderverse imports date of births static? If they don't make their debut until 2010, when I import them in 2006 it should hold them until that date, correct?

I feel like I know the answer on them being static, but I just wanted to make sure. Also useful for a historical Real Life mod and being able to import say TheWho's January 2018 database workers, and Kevin Steen not debuting in 1986 but the debut date 'coded' into the database I'm importing from.

Thank you in advance.
Yes, their debuts will happen when they are set to happen, not when you import them. In your example, Kevin Steen would debut when he is set to in the mod you are importing him from, not 1986. You won't have to worry about 4 year old Kevin Steen as an active wrestler.
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