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Default September 2019 Draft Hype/Signup Thread

Welcome everyone to the official hype/signup thread for the September 2019 Draft! It's been a while since the last draft, so here's a rule overview:

The rules for the draft are as follows:

1. Use to assign a random order for promotions picking.

2. Once a pick is made, the next person has 1 hour to make his selection. We will use time stamps on the posts. Serpentine order so it's fair to everyone (well, fair in the sense that #1 doesn't always pick first. I can't be held accountable if you lose out on a worker based on your placement in the draft.)

3. Once the one hour time period elapses, and the next in line does not draft, then whoever is next in line can jump in and select. When you make your selection you are going to be required to copy and paste the draft board in your thread while making your post bold to stand out.

4. If someone is skipped for missing a selection, they can make their selection at anytime.

5. If you have been skipped three times then you will be automatically skipped for any future picks. If by five rounds after you've been put on the skip list (so 8 rounds) you'll be removed from the drafting pool and your promotion's roster will be made up by myself post-draft of the worst workers in the data. Unless they've all been drafted. _

6. If you submit a list to me, ranking wrestlers, and you are not online to make your pick, I will take the first person from that list who has not been selected for your pick (Granted that I am online to do so). Others may be able to fill this role as needed.

7. Written contracts will be for the first 30 rounds, PPA contracts for the final 10 rounds. All promotions start at the average popularity of your top five workers.

8. Staff will count as part of your 40 draft picks. It is not required to draft staff (ie Referee's, Announcers, Managers, Road Agents, Colour Commentators, Personalities) but is encouraged to at least get the minimum so the game is playable right away.

10. Trades are allowed and actively encouraged. All workers are available to be traded in any way you see fit. Trades will not be completed unless all players involved have confirmed the trade to me, and if there is any doubt then my word is final.

The best method would be via PM although the forum would be fine too. Once a trade is confirmed by both sides then it is final and cannot be undone.

11. In this draft you can pick workers from any area to join your promotion. Worker restrictions will be turned OFF.

12. Default Owners and Head Bookers from each promotion will be assigned by you from the roster of workers you have drafted if not already selected.

13. Any company can have a touring schedule.

14. All the contract information is being set to the following guidelines:

- Random Expiry date
- Alignment set to default, whatever the worker is better at.
- Gimmick set to database default to match alignment.
- Gimmick rating of Good
- Momentum set to random

15. You can select anyone you have drafted to be your owner/booker when the time comes or when you draft them.

16. All title will begin with a default prestige level appropriate to their level. Main event titles will be set to 80 prestige, all midcard titles will be set to 50 prestige and all low level titles will be set to 20 prestige.

17. All events will be set to have a default event importance of "normal". All promotions are entitled to elevate the prestige of any 1 events by two levels (up to Highly Regarded) or any 2 events up by one level (up to Above Average). This can't be traded to other promotions.

18. The only workers not able to be drafted in the draft are dead workers.

19. All Broadcasters from the default database will be in this database.

20. You can draft TV deals and PPV deals.

21. You do not have to draft Titles.

22. 40 Rounds are on the docket.

23. All promotions start with good finances.

24. Mystery boxes are available. 600 of them to be precise. You have to use a pick to select a box which will have a prize! You have to put what number of your box as well.

25. This draft is implementing a home nation based quota. Too many times we see a number 1 draft pick of a Japanese icon with no pop in America being picked by a performance fed and screwing up the Japanese scene. That can still happen but not to so much effect. For all workers drafted, 80% need to be eligible to work in your home country with restrictions on. For the first 10 rounds, only workers eligible to work in your home region can be drafted by yourself. In game after the draft however, restrictions will be turned off to allow for that 20% to move freely as well as anyone else.

26. Popularity will be determined by your top five most popular workers that you draft.

27. There will be a maximum of 4 promotions per area to prevent the talent pool from being too diluted.
We will be using the latest Real World Chronicles release from Fleisch & co.! You can find that mod here:

A separate thread will be used for drafting. The first 10 people who sign up will be included.

You can either PM me your company product or post in this thread. Graphics would be helpful!

Good Luck!
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