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Thought about going back to the hard-hitting Canadian style.. or being the Lucha guy of this draft, but.. I'll head to Japan. Missed you guys.

Promotion Name: Tsunami Strong Style
Promotion Short Name: Tsunami
Promotion Home Region: Kanto, Japan
Strategy: Traditional
Drug Policy: Medium, don't test for soft drugs
Fix Belts: Yes
Regular Promotion OR Touring Promotion: Touring
IF Touring, during which months?: Feb Mar Apr
June July Aug
Oct Nov Dec
(Not Jan, May, or Sep)

Name: Tsunami
AI for Events: 1v1= 70, 2v2= 23, 3v3= 2, Triagle= 2, Four Way=3 , Match Ratio= 90
AI for TV: 1v1= 70, 2v2= 23, 3v3= 2, Triagle= 2, Four Way= 3, Match Ratio= 80

Product Appeal:

Traditional = Key
Mainstream = Low
Comedy = Very Low
Cult = None
Risque = None
Modern = Medium
Realism = Low
Hyper Realism = None
Hardcore = Very Low
Lucha Libre = Low
Pure = Medium
Daredevil = Low
Match Intensity: 75
Match Danger: 40
Womens Wrestling: Division
T&A Levels: Low
Face/Heel Divide: No
Weight Split: Yes
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