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Company List:
1) Uncrewed- Revolution Australian Wrestling- South, Australia
2) southside_hitmen- ???- Mexico (Lucha Libre)
3) Dr_Avalanche- All Elite Wrestling- South East, USA
4) willr0ck- PROGRESS Wrestling- South, British Isles
5) Destiny- Destiny Wrestling Alliance- Southeast, USA
6) CreeperGav- Ring of Honor- Tri-State, USA
7) alpha2117- ???- ???, ???
8) Juanster- Elite Wrestling Canada- Ontario, Canada
9) Tardelli- Major League Wrestling- Tri-State, USA
10) Kijar- Tsunami Strong Style- Kanto, Japan

And with that, the signups are closed! I'm impressed, it took y'all just 5 hours to fill it up! Draft order will be up on Tuesday with the draft then starting on Wednesday!

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