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Default January 2002: Sin Wrap-up

Not a ton to note from tonight's show.

Evan Karagis was brought before the wrestler's court by Ric Flair, apparently for not shaking his hand. Some would call it an outdated tradition, but I can see where Ric's coming from.

I heaped lots of praise on RVD and The Destroyer for delivering a great main event, and they were both pretty happy about that. I also publicly reprimanded Luger and let him know that continued mediocrity like this wasn't going to be accepted. Lex didn't really react to that. I wonder if he figures his job is safe because he's Sting's buddy. If so, he's wrong.

Corino came to me after the show to request a raise, and I gave him 75% of his requested amount. He was pleased with that decision.

Prediction scores (maximum possible points: 11)

LordofGustav: 10
Wolfman84: 10

K-Nection: 9
michgcs: 9
DGenerationMC: 9
Dead_Jester: 9
Rateddc: 9
AMarc9-8: 9
Briskout: 9
franticloser: 9
Satyr24: 9
GingeyOne: 9
crackerjack: 9
BHK6: 9
SomeLazyMagic: 9

Uncrewed: 8
evileddie10: 8
2Sweet: 8
jscotty: 8
chrismday: 8
Cro Cop Rules: 8
Nobby_McDonald: 8
Theheel: 8
The Lariat: 8
Warhawk8492: 8

smw88: 7
deanohbk: 7
Happy0wns: 7
Beejus: 7
sportsfanmas: 7

KnowYourEnemy: 6
Kijar: 6

The question about Arn Anderson's negotiation will be factored in on the first PPV after the identity is revealed.

I've decided to slightly modify my plans for the prediction contest schedule. The six month contest to determine the UFS will stay as is, from July through December, but the first six months of the year will now be split into two three month contests. I figure that'll give more people a chance to win something with three annual contests instead of two, and I also think the UFS contest deserves to be longer than the others.

Story time (with Adam Cole baybay): I ran Sin, then immediately there was the headline that NJPW had bought and disbanded AJW. Seeing that note put the idea in my head about going back and buying them out myself, which would help me and also give some of their top talent steady work instead of just being kicked to the curb like NJPW was going to do. Thus I restored the temporary file so I could buy out AJW. Doing so meant I had to redo Sin, which I wasn't exactly thrilled about.

Most of the matches got roughly the same score until we got to the final three. The tag and US title matches both pulled a B+ the first time, but as you saw they fell to a B on the redo. After seeing that I had a very bad feeling about the main event, but obviously that match turned out great. It was an 89, so I guess it was no less than .1 or .01 or whatever the fraction would be to push it into the A range. The first time I ran that match?


Originally Posted by demondragonking View Post
Props to you as normally I'm not much or a Real World diary reader, but after popping in here on a curious whim, yours is one I will continue to follow to see the outcomes of. Well done work all around. 8)
Cheers! Glad I was able to suck you in!

Originally Posted by The Lariat View Post
Also, I'm gonna hope that you pick up Megumi Kudo soon. I'm sure she would be a fantastic addition to the women's roster and could work wonders.
Kudo retired well before the start date of this game. She's currently a road agent in AJPW.

Originally Posted by crackerjack View Post
Sting vs. Fit Finlay
I'll poop my pants if otherwise
I was sorely tempted to change this result just for you.

Doomsday[/b] vs. 3 Count
Seemed like we got a soft face turn(?) for Doomsday. They are your next challengers
They've actually been faces the entire time, technically. It just didn't seem that way because their only real feud had been with the NBT, who are also faces.

Originally Posted by Briskout View Post
Kudos on AJW and forming a women's division out of the best parts. I like the idea of using the WWWA title as the centerpiece of the division. Having a women's brand in Japan with television in the states might be the best approach. We definitely are going to be approaching women's wrestling different...
I think it would probably be the best way to handle it too, especially since the AJW women could actually cut promos over in Japan. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like it's going to be an option right away, because none of the broadcasters think I can support a third TV show at my current level. Until I can get my Saturday Night contracts off of the books (which isn't until late in 2002 I think), I guess the women will have to be worked into the Nitro cards somehow.

If Jerry Lawler's the booker, I'm guessing we can expect lots of bra and panties matches from you!

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Well it is nice to know you have the premier Women's Division in the world!

I'm really psyched to see how you handle it going forward! You pretty much have your own female version of NXT. Without opening the game can you send workers down to development for the sole purpose of learning a language? If you can that is what you need to do until you are ready to officially launch it.
No you can't. But that reminds me: I need to get the women signed to written contracts, rather than the PPA deals I inherited from AJW.

Originally Posted by michgcs View Post

Who doesn't own a TV, anyway?! That guy's totally not gonna go far, man.
I think it's hilarious that Vince put him in a storyline romance with the Bellas based on the idea that it was totally preposterous that either of these women would ever give this stupid nerd the time of day.

And then he married one of them. Take that, Vince!

Originally Posted by Kijar View Post
This KILLED me haha

Love the plans to vitalize your company's women's division.
RIP indeed. I felt kind of bad about buying them out; I'd have preferred for them to stay in business. But it was obviously inevitable, so I figured I might as well make the most of it.

Now that I think about it, the joshi promotions always seem to die quick deaths in Genadi mods. Maybe that's by design?

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
WCW where the Big GIRLS Play!

This picture reminds me of how disappointed I was that AJW didn't have Aja Kong at the time I bought them out. Would've loved to set her up as the monster heel of the division.

Originally Posted by LordofGustav View Post
*punches Michael Cole at the face*

Sorry, i had to.

By the way, that was an amazing PPV and now you're going to let the WWF know that women can be talented as wrestlers and not merely eye candy.
No apologies necessary; I think most everyone has wanted to do that at one point or another!

My performance over popularity product should really benefit the AJW women, who obviously have next to no popularity in the US but are generally fantastic wrestlers. Manami Toyota is the only person in the entire company that the game considers an 'Excellent' in-ring worker.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
I loved that show top to bottom! Even if I got a couple of guesses wrong I have to remind myself that Dusty Rhodes is on this roster so he maybe influencing Bret on some of the "Dusty" finishes.
I'm taking the view that Bret isn't necessarily opposed to interference and screwy finishes to advance storylines, as based on what I've read it seems like that was a hallmark of Stampede. He wants the guys (and now girls) to be skilled in the ring and put on good matches regardless of the nature of the finish, so merely having a great look and charisma isn't enough to take you to the top here. (It obviously helps though!)

Originally Posted by Satyr24 View Post
I remember hearing the cruiserwieght didn't like that stage, as they couldn't do their dives to the outside because it was in the way
I can see how that would be inconvenient, since the three other sides of the ring don't have as much room on the outside.
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