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I agree with Suede. I would also ask that the game would be serious rather than cartoony. You should have the option to be very brutal and paranoid if you want. And what era will the game cover? Prohibition? The Las Vegas and Havana casino era? The modern era featuring drugs? Can you choose your gang's main ethnicity? Can you emulate Carlo Gambino, Albert Anastasia, or the fictional gang bosses Don Corleone or Tony Montana? How about Pablo Escobar?

It's nice to know that this game is being developed, but isn't 8% a little soon to be announcing said development? I'm 61 years old, and given how things usually go in game development, I will probably be old enough to retire by the time it comes out. Assuming that I live that long.

Grey Dog is a small company, and it seems that most new games from here take a looong time. Understandably so. Some new titles that we expect and gleefully anticipate have been in development for years and years. One title in particular I've just given up on.

Does Derek really want prospective buyers nagging him every few weeks or months for updates?

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