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I always put deaths off, and the random injuries too. Imo there's already (more than) enough training injuries to sim real life.

Playing O+ still and made these custom weight classes at 120, 125, 130 and 140. It's good fun so far, with several custom fights happening. It's unfortunately the fighters will lose their weight class ranking this way (most only appear on P4P), but it makes for a better game because of the interchangability.

Holmes, Lehane and Oliver headlined their respective divisions for several years and in at the start of 2008, so far none of the new generation has taken over (with the exeption of Van Nieuwenhove who destroyed Holmes twice, and Vuorinen who has a meager hold on the 125 division). Vaughan and O'Neill had an epic best of 5 series that the latter ended up winning, securing her a spot in the HoF later on despite 2 big layoffs. Melnikova and Peoples are doing well atm and are on the verge of breaking through. And of course there's the usual drama queens who are good for a grudge match headliner like Larionova.

Can't wait to get even more personality in the db with WMMA5. I'm already underway improving the renders.
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