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Originally Posted by theemrbeefy View Post
I mostly do watcher sims, been running 5-10 years, tweaking the database, running a few more, tweaking it some more and I'm pretty satisfied with what I have, Mass Edited Recuperation and Preparation on everybody to 100, and set everybody to retire at very old, mostly so women don't retire at 31, but also to see if the engine would book fights at a high rate, worked for the most part, until I set every promotion to Rapid Fire, and it turned every promotion into a TV driven promotion with PPV's rarely if ever being used, only issue was that some guys wouldn't get signed until they were 35-0 because of how quickly the promotions would grow, after 11 years there were 4 High Level International promotions, and 3 Low Level and a handful of HLN's, with 18 promotions active and 9 Local Shows a month, there were an average of 4000 fights per year, with a 70+% finish rate before I decided to do something about things like Nate MacReary going 35-0 before BCF signs him and 41-0 before he ever gets a title shot against another guy that was 28-0 before BCF signed him, although its hysterical when guys like Emmitt Smith goes to FLB's Flyweight Division in 2002 and by the time I was done in 2012 had gone 23-0 in the promotion with 22 title defenses. Or Li-Kong Ho becomes the worlds greatest choke artist.

Currently running another 10 year with all 41 promotions I have in my database set to debut at a set time with 36 set to be active by 2012 and to counteract areas where large amounts of undefeated streaks via local shows take place I've given every promotion except for GAMMA a maximum growth size to give talent an outlet to get off the local shows and into promotions and force better talent to move up to a bigger promotion or just change talent pools as FLB and KDM will be competing for talent on the lighter weight categories.

When I'm completely satisfied with my database I might do a diary style write up in the dynasty forum before importing my own promotion to run 15-20 years in.

Although I don't think I'll be completely satisfied unless I get a game where it books a Fezzik/Foster trilogy or Christopher Sharp has a dominate title reign. Might as well ask for peace in the middle east while I'm at it.
You sim one year fast, or it take several hours ?
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