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-Paul Burchill defeated Stevie Richards in 12:28 by submission. 47

-Psychosis drew with Gregory Helms in 14:34 when the referee lost control and stopped the match. 59

-Rosey defeated Animal in 9:53 by submission. 46

-Paul London defeated Kid Kash in 15:06 by pinfall with a Shooting Star Press. Paul London wins the WWE Cruiserweight title. 46

-Show & Kane defeated Heart Throbs in 13:37 when Kane defeated Romeo by pinfall with a Kneeling Inverted Piledriver. Show & Kane make defence number 3 of their WWE World Tag Team titles. 55

-Trish Stratus defeated Mickie James in 14:27 by pinfall with a Roundhouse Kick. Trish Stratus makes defence number 3 of her WWE Women's title. 61

-Undertaker defeated Joey Mercury and Val Venis in 19:41 when Undertaker defeated Val Venis by pinfall with a Kneeling Inverted Piledriver. 72

-John Bradshaw Layfield defeated Heidenreich in 9:34 by pinfall with a Release Powerbomb. 50

-Rey Mysterio defeated Carlito in 14:46 by pinfall with a Tiger Feint Kick. 72

-John Cena defeated Edge in 22:20 by pinfall with a Fireman's Carry Slam. John Cena makes defence number 2 of his WWE Championship title. 60

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