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Originally Posted by daddy_shelton View Post
Just had to laugh at a crazy thing that i've never seen before. Both fighters for a fight (Manoel Cabral vs. Coltrane Aaronson, should be good), got minor injuries (Minor Concussion for Cabral, Stinger for Aaronson) during training but they're still clear to fight. Never had that happen to both guys in the same fight.

Not the biggest injury shenanigans I've seen. That was last week or so. GAMMA run. Original fight was Nathan Chambers vs. Jack Humphreys. Humphreys shatters his knee, out for a year. So I get Rufus Stephens to fill in for Humphreys. Stephens ALSO shatters his knee and is out for a year.

So I just have this image of Chambers going Tonya Harding on the GAMMA Welterweight division and I'm laughing just remembering this nonsense.
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