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Thursday, Week 3, July, 2014

WWE 205 Live (Live from Universal Sound Stage 21 (FL), 1,222 in Attendance)

The 205 Live commentary team of Scott Stanford, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman welcome the live television audience to tonight’s edition of 205 Live and announce that in tonight’s main event the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Adrian Neville will team up with his British Ambition tag team partner Oliver Grey to take on the team of Tajiri and Chad Gable. Ricardo Rodriguez then makes his way to the ring to a largely negative chorus of boos and jeers from the WWE Universe in attendance in Florida. Ricardo Rodriguez retrieves a microphone from the ringside area and says that he is proud to announce the arrival of the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Adrian Neville and the man carved of granite, Oliver Grey. The British Ambition pairing of Neville and Grey make their way to the ring as they are applauded by their personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez. Once Neville and Grey are in the ring Ricardo Rodriguez hands the microphone to the Cruiserweight Champion Neville who asks for silence as he is about to address the WWE Universe in attendance. Neville says that firstly he would like to say that he was pleased to hear the Vickie Guerrero has been removed from her position as the Monday Night RAW Managing Supervisor as Neville says that Vickie never showed him any respect whilst he was competing on RAW. Neville says that the inept little leprechaun, the 205 Live General Manager Hornswoggle, has put him and his tag team partner Oliver Grey in tag team action in tonight’s main event against the team of Tajiri and Chad Gable. Adrian Neville says that after beating Tajiri in singles action in last week’s main event he has now beat Tajiri for two weeks in a row and that he will make it a hat-trick of victories tonight. As for Tajiri’s tag team partner Chad Gable, Neville says that he is another peasant who thinks that he can get famous off of being in the ring with a former Cruiserweight Champion in Tajiri whereas in reality Chad Gable should be honoured to be in the ring with the King of the Cruiserweights Neville tonight. Neville then says that he would like to address his opponent at the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View in just a few weeks, Rey Mysterio. Neville says that he will beat the masked coward Rey Mysterio at Money in the Bank to make the first successful title defence of his Cruiserweight Champion. Neville also suggests that the reason that Mysterio will not come to Neville’s 205 Live kingdom is because deep down Rey knows that he is not on the “Neville level” and never will be. Neville says that Rey Mysterio is a remnant of the past, just like Tajiri. Neville says that the present and the future of the Cruiserweight division stand in the ring in the glorious shape of British Ambition. Neville, Grey and Ricardo Rodriguez then head to the back as 205 Live heads to its first commercial break of the evening.
Rating: E-

TJ Perkins versus Chavo Guerrero
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but not much in the way of heat, TJ Perkins defeated Chavo Guerrero in 9:40 by pinfall with a Running Single Leg High Knee Strike. Following a commercial break the 205 Live commentary team of Scott Stanford, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Billy Kidman welcome the television audience back to 205 Live for our first match of the evening. TJ Perkins then makes his way to the ring to a great reception from the WWE Universe in attendance. He is soon followed by Chavo Guerrero and the pair have a good match that ends with TJ Perkins picking up the all-important victory after hitting Chavo with a running knee strike. Both Stanford and Kidman praise the performance of TJ Perkins whilst JBL claims that TJ Perkins may have just got lucky tonight.
Match Rating: D

Following another commercial break we cut backstage to find Chad Gable looking into a camera. Gable says that in tonight’s 205 Live main event not only does he get the chance to team up with a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri but he also has the opportunity to be in the ring with the reigning WWE Cruiserweight Champion Adrian Neville. Chad Gable reminds the WWE Universe that after competing for the USA in the Olympics back in 2012 to going to Mexico to study the art-form of Lucha Libre, he has always given 100%. Gable says that tonight he and Tajiri will beat Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey and that everybody, including the 205 Live General Manager Hornswoggle, will see that Chad Gable is for real, and that he is ready, willing and “Gable”.
Rating: E+

Rich Swann versus Epico
In a bout that had solid in-ring action but non-existent crowd heat, Rich Swann defeated Epico in 7:42 by pinfall with a Tornado Spin Kick. The small man in a bull costume known as El Torito accompanied Epico to ringside for this match and tried to act as cheerleader throughout the match but it was Rich Swann who again impressed the WWE Universe on the way to picking up the win here after hitting Epico with a devastating kick.
Match Rating: D-

Following Epico’s loss we cut backstage to find Epico’s cousin Primo in the office of the 205 Live General Manager Hornswoggle and complaining about why he wasn’t allowed to accompany Epico to the ring tonight. Hornswoggle tells Primo that Epico already had El Torito supporting him and that Hornswoggle will not allow more than one cheerleader at ringside. Primo leaves the room angry.
Rating: E

We cut to another backstage area to find Chad Gable and Tajiri going through final preparations before tonight’s 205 Live tag team main event. Gable tells Tajiri that he is so pleased to be able to team with Tajiri tonight to take on the British Ambition pairing of Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey.
Rating: E

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey versus Tajiri and Chad Gable
In an awful match that was completely devoid of heat, British Ambition defeated Tajiri and Chad Gable in 12:30 when Adrian Neville defeated Tajiri by pinfall with a Red Arrow. British Ambition’s personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez accompanied Neville and Grey to ringside for tonight’s 205 Live tag team main event which saw Neville pin Tajiri for the third week in a row to win the match for his team.
Match Rating: D-

Final Show Rating: E+

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Rhyme1234: 12/15
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