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NYCW Empire City Showdown VI:
Empire World Title: Chuck Vessey (c) vs. Cameron Vessey
Cameron is too big to lose to the younger Vessey, and the loss won't hurt Chuck. I see the belts moving around between the Vesseys and Stone for a while with great results.

No. 1 contenders: Ralph Liotta vs. David Stone
Kind of dictated by my pick above. I know that is a matchup you had to avoid, but I think it will be fresh enough again by the next big show. They should tear the house down.

US Title (Streak vs. Streak): The Hangman (c) vs. James Wolfsbaine
Another title change! Let Wolfsbaine win and then Hangman chases him to end Wolfsbaine's streak like he did to Hangman.

World Tag Titles: Legacy (c) vs. Elemental Fury
You can't change the ALL the titles. I could see some cheating or a Elemental win that keeps the belts on Legacy, but they leave champs.

Grudge Match: The Architect vs. Austin Smooth
I think we have a split in these next two, and I like Blaze as an interim foil for Cam Vessey. So here, Smooth gets the win for Team Face...

Singles: Garry Walker vs. Bradley Blaze
...and Blaze wins for Team Heel. He can do what he has always done: give the top face in the company a good match until the big events.

15-Man Battle Royal Nigel Svennson
I like Svennson, and I think he could be the top midcard guy if given the chance. At least he gets a win to act as gatekeeper for the midcard, putting new "graduates" over while getting wins to build his pop up in the meantime.
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