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NYCW Empire City Showdown VI:
Empire World Title: Chuck Vessey (c) vs. Cameron Vessey
I think Cameron wins here as you have two strong heels to challenge

No. 1 contenders: Ralph Liotta vs. David Stone
Because of my pick above Iím taking Stone, but I miss the true Ralph Liotta as Iím not into the babyface punk heís temporarily turned into

US Title (Streak vs. Streak): The Hangman (c) vs. James Wolfsbaine
Not sold yet on Diaz/Logansbaine so this is either a double DQ/CO or a non title changing decision

World Tag Titles: Legacy (c) vs. Elemental Fury
Always like Legacy

Grudge Match: The Architect vs. Austin Smooth
Smooth needs the win this time around

Singles: Garry Walker vs. Bradley Blaze
Probably not going with the correct pick but I like Blaze better

15-Man Battle Royal: Solomon Gold
Tough pick here as I believe itís between 2 guys although I have probably forgot someone. I think itís between Solomon Gold and Nigel Svennson. Using the name test as my ultimate decider, Solomon Gold sounds more Gold like than the other guy

Well with Larry under the weather and cash flow being an issue I hope that this great NYCW promotion is not on its last legs. Hopefully both the company and a Larry see 2022. While I figure Larry made some deal way back when with Packer I hope time hasnít run out on that deal
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