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NFL Playoffs

Stage 1 - Wildcard
Stage 2 - Divisional
Stage 3 - Conference Championships
Stage 4 - Superbowl

The Wildcard

The Wildcard -

San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions
San Francisco played Detroit Week 7 and won 26-20. During the first quarter, Joique Bell ran the ball in for a touchdown and to end the quarter, Stafford connected with WR Conner Vernon for a second TD. In the 2nd, San Fran's Kicker, Mare, kicked two field goals to bring the score 6-14. In the third, Stafford connected with Reggie Bush to increase their lead 21-6. In the 4th, Detroit Kicker, David Akers increased the lead with a field goal. With 1:13 left, Kaepernick caught Frank Gore in the end zone for a touchdown. 13-24. They attempted an onside kick, but failed to get the ball back as the time ran out.

Winner: Detroit Lions, 24-13.

St. Louis Rams vs. New York Giants
Two offense heavy teams connect for the first time this season. In the 1st quarter, RB Chase Reynolds runs 15 yards for a touchdown putting the Rams up, 7-0. Willis McGahee however evens the score, putting 7 up for the Giants to end the first. During the 2nd quarter, the Rams nail a field goal, and then Sam Bradford connects with David Nelson. With 0:04 seconds left in the half, the Giants nail a 47 yard field goal to bring the deficit smaller, 17-10 Rams. During the third quarter, Andre Brown runs the ball in to bring the score tied, 17-17. The fourth quarter however, the Rams connected with 3 field goals and a Chase Reynolds run for a TD, while the Giants couldn't score.

Winner: St. Louis Rams, 33-17.

Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens
During the regular season, Flacco and the Ravens have played Campbell and his Browns twice. They've both won a game. During the ultimate tie breaker, who will take the lead? During the 1st quarter, Campbell connects with Jordan Cameron in the end zone for 7. Flacco ties it up, finding Jacoby Jones for 35 yards. In the 2nd quarter, Shayne Graham gives 3 for Cleveland, while Flacco finds Ray Rice for 7. To finish the half, Trent Richardson paints on 7 more for Cleveland, bringing the score 17-14 at the half. In the third, Tucker finds 3 for Baltimore. In the 4th, Brandon Jackson with a 2 yard run, gives Cleveland the lead, 24-17 with 10 minutes to play. Baltimore pushes it up the field but settles for 3 with a field goal, Cleveland still in the lead 24-20. Cleveland tries to hold the ball, but have to kick it with 3 minutes left on the clock. Baltimore pushes it up the field, and Flacco finds Marlon Brown for a touchdown! 27-24 Baltimore with 2 minutes left. Cleveland pushes it up the field, but fail to convert a 4th down as the time runs out.

Winner: Baltimore Ravens, 27-24.

New York Jets vs. San Diego Chargers
For the first time during this season, Sanchez and the Jets get to play the #1 defense in the conference, #2 in the league, the San Diego Chargers. Rivers has been out for much of the season with a fractured hip, so the offense of the Chargers has been struggling, but with a defense like the one they have, it's hard to think they are the underdogs. During the first, San Diego gets on board with 7 early as Le'Ron McClain runs the ball into the end zone. In the 2nd, Danny Woodhead pains 7 more, and Nick Folk kicks 3 points for the Jets, 14-3. Rivers is back in the game, finds Keenan Allen for 13 yards and 7 points. Geno Smith throws for the Jets, and finds Hanna in the end zone to end the half down, 10-21. The 2nd half, the Jets remained scoreless and they never even got passed their own 45 yard line, while Woodhead put up 7, and Novak kicked two field goals for 6 more to win the game.

Winner: San Diego Chargers, 34-10.


Detroit Lions vs. Atlanta Falcons
Last time these two teams met in the season, Stafford and the Lions defeated Ryan and the Falcons. Detroit, currently having the best offense in the league, hope to retain that winning record. The Lions kicker Akers kick a field goal early to take the lead, but it doesn't last long when Matt Ryan finds Roddy White in the endzone for 7. Another field goal from Detroit ends the 1st. During the 2nd, Ryan finds Julio Jones for 31 yards in the endzone. Stafford fires back to Kris Durham for 32 yards to end the half, 14-13. The Lions offense stopped there. Steven Jackson ran the ball 58 yards for 7 more, Bryant kicks a field goal for 3 more, and then Steven Jackson ends it with a 1 yard touchdown run, finishing the game.

Winner, and going on to the NFC Championship: Atlanta Falcons, 31-13.

St. Louis Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals
Like before, these two teams have met before with each getting a win over the other. The ultimate tie breaker commences now. Can the Rams take control against the #1 defense in the league, the Cardinals? In the 1st quarter, the Cardinals are out with a vengeance. Derek Hagan catches a 13 yard pass from Carson Palmer for 7, Jeff Fuller catches 2 to add 7 more points, and then Alfonso Smith runs 13 yards to bring the official score 21-0 at the start of the 2nd. In the 2nd, David Nelson catches a pass from Bradford to put 7 up for the Rams, and Carpenter kicks 3 points for Arizona to end the first half. During the 3rd, Rashard Mendenhall catches a 7 yard pass from Palmer for 7, and Carpenter kicks another field goal. In the 4th, LaRon Byrd catches Drew Stanton's pass for 7 more points, 41-7. However, with 4 minutes left, Bradford connects with Brian Quick for 17 yards and 7 points. Bradford pushes it back up the field with 0:38 seconds left and connects with David Nelson for another 7 points, but the rally is too little, too late.

Winner and facing the Falcons in the NFC Championship: Arizona Cardinals, 41-21.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans
These two teams haven't played each other yet. They are both Offensive teams. In the 1st, Ray Rice runs in for 7, but Justin Tucker missed the extra point. Jacoby Jones caught Flacco's pass to take an early lead, 14-0. Jake Locker connects with Kevin Walter for 10 yards to end the 1st, and add 7 points to the Titans. In the 2nd quarter, it was all Titans with Javon Ringer running in a touchdown, and Rob Bironas kicking a 51 yard field goal to take the lead 17-13. In the 3rd, Chris Johnson runs in 7 more points for the Titans, 24-13, but Baltimore fires back when Flacco connects with Chad Johnson for a touchdown, 24-20. In the fourth, Baltimore's Ray Rice runs in for a touchdown to take the lead 27-24 and only 1:05 left on the clock. The Titans start moving their way up the field, using all three of their timeouts, but they get stopped and are forced to rely on Rob Bironas for a 38 yarder, and Rob nails it! 27-27 to end the game and force it into overtime! Titans win the toss, and choose to receive. After a kickoff, the Titans get the ball on their own 17. In the 1st play of overtime, Jake Locker gets picked off by Jimmy Smith and the Ravens run it back for a touchdown to end the game!

Winner in Overtime and going to the AFC Championship: Baltimore Ravens, 33-27.

San Diego Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins
During the regular season, Miami topped San Diego. Can they beat the defense of the Chargers again, or will Rivers and the Chargers make their name known? In the 1st quarter, the Dolphins Brent Grimes intercepts the ball and runs it back 32 yards for a touchdown! 7-0 to start the 2nd, but Woodhead puts 7 up for the Chargers with an 8 yard run. Lamar Miller runs 8 yards himself for a touchdown, but Caleb Sturgis missed the extra point. 13-7 at the half. In the 3rd quarter, Danny Woodhead runs in another touchdown, while Rivers finds Phillips in the end zone. 21-13. In the 4th, two field goals shorten the lead from 21-13 to 21-19. However, Danny Woodhead buries the hatchet with a great run for a touchdown to win the game.

Winner and playing the Ravens in the AFC Championship: San Diego Chargers, 28-19.

Conference Championships

NFC Championship:
Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals

These teams have not faced in the regular season. Can Matt Ryan and the Falcons exploit the #1 defense in the Cardinals? In the 1st quarter, Bryant kicks 3 for Atlanta, and Patrick DiMarco runs the ball to tack on 7 more taking an early lead, 10-0. Alfonso Smith runs 2 yards for a touchdown to add 6 for Arizona, until Dan Carpenter's extra point was blocked. In the 2nd, Rashard Mendenhall adds a true 7 for Arizona, taking the lead 13-10. Julio Jones catches Matt Ryan's pass in the end zone for 7. Dan Carpenter nails two field goals, and Roddy White catches a 10 yarder from Matt Ryan to end the half, 24-19 Falcons. The 3rd quarter was scoreless, and in the 4th, Arizona made their presence known. Carson Palmer catches Larry Fitzgerald for 5 yards in the end zone, and they convert the 2 point conversion. 27-24. Dan Carpenter adds two field goals to the damage to end the game.

NFC Champion of 2008: Arizona Cardinals, 33-24.

AFC Championship:
San Diego Chargers vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Chargers beat the Ravens during the regular season, while this game is the offense of the Ravens vs. the defense of the Chargers. During the 1st quarter, Joe Flacco finds Travis Beckum for 7. Ryan Mathews runs for 7 to tie the game, and Ryan Otten catches a pass from Rivers to take an early lead for the Chargers. Ray Rice in the 2nd quarter catches a pass from Flacco to tie the game. Nick Novak puts 3 up for the Chargers, but the Ravens respond with a 3 yard run from Ray Rice to take the lead at the half, 21-17. During the 3rd, Rivers found Brown in the end zone, and Flacco found Jacoby Jones to match. 28-24. In the 4th quarter, Woodhead puts up 7 for the Chargers, 31-28. With 5:16 seconds left, Justin Tucker ties the game with a field goal for the Ravens! 31-31. However, the Charges had more than enough time, and capitalize on it when Rivers connects with Malcom Floyd in the end zone with 0:12 left to play for the touchdown!

AFC Champion of 2008: San Diego Chargers, 38-31.

The Superbowl

San Diego Chargers vs. Arizona Cardinals

While during the season, the Chargers have already beaten the Cardinals once, the Cardinals are still given the upper hand with most votes, making the Chargers the underdog. During the first quarter, a pair of field goals on each side tie the game 3-3. During the second, the game starts going heavily into the Chargers direction, when Philip Rivers connects with Keenan Allen for 10 yards and a touchdown. Two field goals tacked on by Nick Novak for the Chargers, though the Cardinals fire back before the half ends, with a run from Brit Miller for a TD. 16-10 at the half, in favor of the Chargers.

During the third quarter, another pair of field goals, this time both coming from the Chargers put them up 22-10. The game looked to be closing out, when in the middle of the fourth quarter with 5 minutes left to go, Carson Palmer connected for a 13 yard pass to Derek Hagan for a touchdown, making it 22-17. They kick the ball, and the Charger start running the clock out. They get to a 3rd and 1, and run the ball but the defense of the Cardinals kicked in and made the stop! With 0:56 seconds and only one time out remaining, the Cardinals have to gain 74 yards before the time runs out. They start pushing it, but it comes down to 4th and 9 on the Chargers 29. They can't kick a field goal as they'd be down by 2, with 0:14 left on the clock. So instead, Carson Palmer goes for it on 4th and makes a long gun to the end zone where he finds Michael Floyd! With a 29 yard pass, Palmer wins the game for the Cardinals!

Superbowl Champion of 2008: The Arizona Cardinals, 23-22.
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