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Post Small Questions Thread & "Living FAQ"

The purpose of this is to replace the "small questions that don't deserve their own thread" idea from TEW2013.

Although that was extremely useful to a lot of players, it was also extremely cumbersome to search, intimidatingly big to new players, and was about 75% made up of the same few questions repeated over and over again.

This thread will work in a similar, but much more organised fashion. As before, players are encouraged to ask any smaller questions that they have and will receive help from either myself, the TEW team, or other community members. The difference is that the second post in the thread will be a 'living F.A.Q.'; that is, questions that are asked repeatedly or are deemed particularly useful will be added to an ongoing FAQ - this will make searching 100x easier, and also allow repeated material to be pruned out of the thread on a regular basis.

While I'm still expecting the thread to become quite big over time, at least this will make things a little more straightforward, especially in terms of being able to do a quick search before you post.

Note that the 'living F.A.Q.' will also regularly be used to update and expand the in-game Player's Handbook, saving players from even having to go online to find their answers.
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