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There will still be room for our aerial wrestlers to do their thing, but guys with subpar skills who try to skate by on popularity and charisma are likely going to suffer.
One more question I noticed that Bill Goldberg wasn't on your roster? Did he get the Axe? Also why is Booker T injured?
Does this answer your question? Goldberg couldn't wrestle out of a wet paper bag.

This is going to be great though the top of your card is a lot of no wrestling ability all pop/charisma so the match grades may be a little poor starting off. I'd be signing 4 of the 5 off your Hidden Gems list right away (Anderson is typically a wretched personality so given that locker room, probably not worth it). And I agree that Flair and Sting really shouldn't be on this list unless they're right at the start. Duggan and Luger though should be way, way, way over the hill. DDP is probably at the right spot as he's old as hell at this point (mid-40's). Upper Mids look good though. Can't wait to see how soon you send Ol' Slap Nuts JJ out of here.
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