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Originally Posted by The Final Countdown View Post
Wow, I'm blown away by all of the comments already! Especially considering all I'd done was post a short introduction. Hopefully I can meet your expectations (and mine.)

I'll be trying something a little different here, specifically with regards to how I present TV shows. Rather than post a write-up of each week of TV as it happens, I'm going to use a single post to recap the major events and storylines that lead into the PPV, with a very bare-bones presentation of the results from the actual shows below that. When I say bare-bones, I mean like a single sentence for each segment; not much more detail than you'd get from reading in-game results from an AI company. The PPVs themselves will get a full writeup, with detailed descriptions and pictures and all that jazz. We'll see how it goes, but I'm hoping it'll work out well.
Held off commenting to let you finish the introduction, but I'm hooked already. (Though I guess "Hart and Soul" was a little too on the nose, huh?)

The monthly write-up instead of weekly shows was actually something I was also considering for my game. I just couldn't get the formatting done the way I wanted. So don't be surprised if I steal some of it from you LOL

1. So Bret's totally hands-off on the day-to-day stuff? He's not an agent or anything?

2. I wasn't watching WCW back then, but Dustin Rhodes was a main eventer there? Wasn't he Goldust around this time frame?
EDIT: NVM, looked it up and saw that he did return to WCW before Vince-- er, Bret bought them out
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