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The show opens with Paige walking backstage when Charlotte Flair approaches in a huff. Charlotte berates Paige for her recent “meddling” with Charlotte’s reign as Smackdown Live Women’s Champion. Paige finally has had enough and snaps back at Charlotte. The GM tells Charlotte that what she called meddling is actually called leadership and leaders make the hard choices such as...who is Charlotte going to wrestle tonight in the main event? Paige acts as if she’s thinking then points behind Charlotte. Charlotte turns and stops cold.

Trish is leaning against the wall. Before Charlotte can say anything Paige tells her that if Trish wins tonight in any fashion...count out...disqualification...we’ll be having a triple threat at WrestleMania. Both Paige and Trish walk off leaving Charlotte stunned.

Rating: 87

Mohegan Sun Arena----Uncasville, CT
9,518 in Attendance

The Announcers hype tonight’s main event, Charlotte Flair vs Trish Stratus with a possible title shot for the Hall of Famer if she wins.

Rating: 82


We don’t even get the name of the guy facing Andrade and even if we did the match would have been nearly over by the time they finished saying it. With his entourage at ringside who Phillips refers to as a cartel, Andrade makes short work of his opponent and finishes him with hammerlock DDT.

Winner by Pinfall: Andrade Almas
Rating: 61

The ‘Cartel’ as Phillips called them gather in the ring. Andrade says time is up. He made it clear that he wants that United States title and either Rey is going to give it to him or he’s going to hurt the people Rey loves. Before he can go on, Mysterio comes out to the stage, still hobbled.

Mysterio says if Andrade wanted the match he only had to ask but since he has decided to take it upon himself to threaten Rey’s yea, he’ll see Andrade at WrestleMania and he’s going to kick Andrade’s ass! The Cartel don’t appear happy about that and the scene ends with Mysterio and Andrade trash talking at each other.

Rating: 78

We’re taken to Becky Lynch in her locker room. She’s still showing the effects of the cheap shot Ronda Rousey gave her the night before. Becky says that she deserved what she got because she let her guard down for a split second and that’s all Ronnie needed. That’s a lesson learned champ because at WrestleMania there will be no split second distractions. There will be no lapses of concentration. There will be nothing but a singular focus to do whatever it takes to win that title and she means whatever it takes. Broken bones, blood sweat and tears, whatever it takes to walk out of WrestleMania with her hand held high. She thanks Rousey for waking her up and giving the Man a jolt of reality. In two weeks she’ll repay the favor.

Rating: 100

The New Day come to the ring and cut their usual promo which you either love or groan at but the crowd is very much into it. The topic of the promo is how the New Day are all good “brothers” and don’t feel the need to brag about it like some people which brings out their opponents.

Rating: 93


The New Day may be in party mode but the Good Brothers are all business and it shows in their performance. The actions trades back and forth but when Woods is hit with the Magic Killer it’s lights out.

Winner by Pinfall: Gallows and Anderson
Rating: 68

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan is backstage with Kayla Braxton. She asks him about the problems he foresees facing Finn Balor at WrestleMania but he spins off into a diatribe about how it’s nothing compared to the problems the planet faces at the hands of human beings. Human the kind of people who root for a mentally unstable person like Finn Balor who enjoys playing dress up like it’s Halloween. Well just as he fights for the planet, Daniel Bryan will fight for his championship and when he’s done it won’t be’ll be an important holiday, like Earth Day.

Rating: 100

The Miz is here to host the most exciting talk show in WWE history. Welcome to Miz TV. The Miz’s guests are Samoa Joe and Rusev who’s long evolving rivalry was interrupted at Fastlane by SAnitY who attacked both men. Rusev and Joe both say that they would have won at Fastlane but before things turn physical….

Sanity arrives and they gather in the ring. The Miz tries to keep the peace but suddenly Young attacks him while his four men smother Rusev and Joe.

Suddenly from the back AJ Styles comes running down and gets into it but it’s still four on five.

We cut to the back and Randy Orton is watching everything on a monitor seemingly unsure what to do when he suddenly bolts from the monitor and a moment later he’s running down to the ring and the first thing he does is deliver an RKO to Young. SAnitY is quickly routed from the ring and regather on the outside as AJ, Orton, Miz, Rusev, and Joe have all put their grievances aside for the moment as they hold the ring.[/i]

Rating: 87


Carmella is all attitude as the match starts but Sonya quickly takes control and combines some MMA with power moves. Carmella get in a little offense near the end but Sonya end it with a triangle choke and Carmella taps out.

Winner by Submission: Sonya Deville
Rating: 47

We see the Bar backstage just before coming out while we hear Shinsuke Nakamura’s music in the background. Cesaro says the two slobs got lucky last week but tonight it’s payback. Sheamus says it’s time to up the bar! They then go through the curtain and we hear their music.

Rating: 70


The heels control the match focusing on Truth but when he goes between Sheamus’ legs and dives to make the tag to Otis the whole match turns around. Heavy Machinery takes over the match. When it's clear the tide has turned the Bar drop off the apron and return up the ramp leaving Nakamura behind and he quickly falls victim to the Compactor.

Winners by Pinfall: The Bar and Shinsuke Nakamura
Rating: 76

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Trish Stratus and asks her about her match tonight with Charlotte Flair. Trish says coming back into WWE as the Women’s Division is reaching new heights as really reinvigorated her love of what she does. She may win tonight and she may lose, but one thing is for sure. Charlotte is going to know she’s in a fight tonight!

Rating: 73

Phillips and Booker discuss the card for next weekend’s WrestleMania including two new title matches announced tonight..

Rating: 100


Charlotte tries to end this one as quickly as she can but no matter what she does she can’t get Trish in position for either Natural Selection or the Figure Eight. When she tries for the submission, Trish shoves her rear end and Charlotte crashes through the turnbuckles, hitting the post. The Hall of Famer begins showing signs of life as she takes it to the Champ including the ‘flip over the turnbuckles and run along the apron’ routine but Charlotte catches a Chick Kick to the face on the apron. Trish rolls Charlotte back in the ring but the champion ambushes the challenger as Trish slides back in. Charlotte goes for Natural Selection but Trish dodges it and connects with another Chick Kick which drops the champ and Trish gets the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Trish Stratus
Rating: 76

As Charlotte rolls out of the ring dazed and in shock she’s caught between Trish celebrating in the ring and Asuka who’s come out onto the stage as the show ends.

Rating: 89

Overall: 88
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