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Default RMW Presents Wrestling Summit IV

Wrestling Summit IV
Saturday, Week 4, March, 2019
Live from Washington State Gymnasium, 7:30 PM Bell Time
Also Aired On Demand on the Rocky Mountain Sports Network

Opening Match
Singles Match
Twenty Five Minute Time Limit
“Bulldozer” Brandon Smith versus “Intrepid” Ian Identity

In a decent match, Intrepid Ian Identity defeated Bulldozer Brandon Smith in 14:31 by pinfall with an Identity Theft. C.

Clyde Puder cuts a backstage promo announcing he is moving full time to the end of the month shows. B+

Singles Match
Twenty-Five Minute Time Limit
“Bad, Bad” Lenny Brown versus Frantic Ali

In a decent match, Lenny Brown defeated Frantic Ali in 14:18 by pinfall with The Star Treatment. C-

Tag Team Match

Thirty Minute Time Limit
The Hawaiian Boys versus The Devil’s Rejects ©

In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, The Devil's Rejects defeated The Hawaiian Boys in 14:45 when Keith Holly defeated Ekuma by pinfall with a Reaper Breaker. The Devil's Rejects make defence number 1 of their Rocky Mountain Tag Team Championship titles. C+

Semi Main Event
Grudge Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
vs. w/
Big Bruiser Findlay versus “Cool Hand” Casey Valentine w/ Lisa Bowen

In a bout that had great wrestling and good heat, Big Bruiser Findlay defeated Casey Valentine in 14:24 by pinfall with an Atomic Spinebuster. B-

Main Event

Sixty Minute Time Limit
“The Georgia Bulldog” Riley McManus versus “Glorious” Logan Diaz

In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Riley McManus defeated Logan Diaz in 26:11 by pinfall while using the ropes for leverage. Riley McManus wins the Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship title. C+

Riley McManus lifted the Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship into the air to a chorus of surprised boos. The Georgia Bulldog had cheated. Cheated to win. Cheated to defeated Logan. He looked out at his once adoring crowd and spit down onto the mat before demanding a microphone. He is given one.

Originally Posted by Riley McManus
“I’ve been here since day one. Since the first show. I’ve been the constant. I won the Rocky Mountain Championship for the first time in October of 2016. Over two years ago. I defended the championship seven times before losing it. Seven successful defenses -- and then I immediately won Gold Rush. Did I get a rematch? No. Not at all. I got pushed to the side. The forgotten toy of this organization. I had scratched and clawed my way to the top and lost one time.. ONE TIME and I was forgotten about. Since losing the Rocky Mountain Championship in 2017, I’ve lost three singles matches. Three.. One of those was with interference. One of those was after a weapon. The other was after interference again. I lost one singles match in two thousand and eighteen. ONE! I carried KC Glenn to the Tag Team Championships and to the first ever Oxford Invitational. I carried him all the way to a contract with Burning Hammer. He left as quick as he could. But I was here. And it took me twenty-six matches to get my rematch. Twenty-six… Primus Allen lost the title to Running Wolf and two months later had a second shot. Running Wolf defended the title successfully once and got a rematch. But what about me? Why was I so forgotten? Was it because people knew they could count on me to be professional? To show up and do what was needed? Well not any more. The Georgia Bulldog is dead. He died in the ring when I watched Logan Diaz get MY Shot at the title. He won Gold Rush III and got a shot? Where was mine from Gold Rush II? Where was my rematch?

I played nice I did. I did everything I was supposed to do and it got me nowhere. I’m the damn cornerstone of this company and it’s time I acted like it. It’s time I was treated like it. My name is Riley McManus and I am THE Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Champion once again. The Cornerstone is back where he belongs. You don’t have to like it, but you better learn to live with it -- because I’m going to be here for a long, long time.”
Riley McManus cuts a promo in the ring after his match. C

Overall: This show raised our popularity. C+
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