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So, I wanted to be able to get both RMW Live #14 and Wrestling Summit IV up before Christmas. I'll be traveling for the next couple of days to see my family (they live a few hours away, so it's not incredible traveling) and I won't be bringing my computer with me. I also am really happy where we are from a narrative stand point after these two shows.

I had to take the Can-Am title off of Clyde Puder, because frankly, he was just too over to keep the belt. I want the belt to be for guys who I'm not ready for on the main show and Clyde is definitely ready for the main roster. He's actually my most over babyface somehow. So, yeah. It was time for Flawless to get his run, plus the way people were taking to him from a narrative aspect made him the right guy for the job.

I've also been wanting to turn Riley heel for quite some time, but I needed the right opportunity. With Cameron Vessey leaving, KC leaving, Bulldozer leaving (this was his last show, hence him putting Ian over), Primus having been gone for quite some time for MMA -- and my own belief that I will be losing both Findlay and Casey soon made me need a new top heel. Riley's perfect for the role and gives me a heel who is not associated with Lisa Bowen to be at the top. Plus, I love Riley, he's been the backbone of RMW and I wanted to give him something fresh to do.

I included a little promo for you in the show to help make his heel turn that much more powerful. Hopefully it worked!

I won't be posting much over the next few days due to the holiday. I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas have a wonderful time. To those of you who may not celebrate, I still hope you have a wonderful time! Hopefully you enjoyed RMW Live #14 and Wrestling Summit IV!
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