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Default Roster Overview

Meet The Roster:
Main Eventers:

Ethan Page - Our North American Heavyweight Champion. Great in the ring, incredible heel, is still young and has potential for days.
One of the best wrestlers on our roster, this kid can fly. High

El Generico - The Man Known as Sami Zayn, The Generic Luchador, Pride Of Tijuana, whatever you wish to call him, this man is quite possibly the best pure in ring wrestler on the roster, and it must be a matter of time before he's a multiple time North American Champ. His selling ability, aerial versatility, chain wrestling skills and storytelling brilliance make up for one of the best wrestler on the planet today, and one hell of a signing, and I'm proud I chose to sign the guy.

Oje Hart - My son, and the most promising talent on the roster,
as well as our number one guy.
Charismatic, oozes Star Quality, and a damn good high flyer,
kid has potential, loads of potential.
he likes the nickname "Hearthrob" so I guess we'll call him that.
The biggest problem surrounding his future in the company is, well, he might not have a future here.
With so much talent, charisma, and looks, WWE and WCW are destined to sign him,
and I'm not going to hold him back,
so the only question is "how long do we have?".

Tyson Dux - A great veteran, reminds me a lot of Chris Jericho for some reason, I can't put my finger on it.
Regardless, he brings 20 years of experience and can help passing some of his knowledge to the young guys.

Teddy Hart - Oh yeah, this little rat.
Teddy is the son of Georgia, my sister.
He was always so... distant, from the rest of the family.
That was until he followed dad's footsteps into wrestling, and suddenly we started seeing him all the time.
His son, Bradley, wants to be WWE World Champion when he grows up.
I don't know how I feel about it yet.
He's a trouble maker, yes, and I'll let you in on a secret:
I don't like him, but he's my nephew, and I love Georgia.
Plus he's not that bad a wrestler, so I guess that's nice,
and he's one half of the NA Tag Champions, The Hart Foundation 2.0, although I think you'd agree when I say the original was better.

Sylvain Grenier - Not really much to say about him.
41 years old, bring a lot of experience, but nothing special.
He's charismatic, though, so maybe he can become a manager or a commentator down the line.

Midcard (Lower - Upper, this will rotate a lot so they will be specified as one group):

Chakal - Same as the above, solid worker, but he told me he might retire soon.

Jack Evans - Now we're talking, this kid is SPECIAL. I've been around the wrestling business for, what, 30 years?
And yet he somehow manages to surprise me, to amaze me, with his athletic abilities. Incredible high flyer, probably the best we have, he's the second half of the North American Tag Champs, The Hart Foundation 2.0 and a real good kid. Apparently he and Teddy are best of friends, hopefully Jack turns Ted into a better person, but I feel like it's more likely going to be reversed.

Scotty O'Shea - I LOVE his gimmick. It's unique, fresh,
and most of all, Oje says it's cool so it must be true.
I have no idea what this World of Warcraft is,
but if it gets butts on the seats I really don't care.
Wrestling-wise, he's not bad by any means, but nothing more than your average wrestler with a good gimmick, which sometimes is all you need.
To my surprise Bret likes him too, I thought it would piss him off.
he's very... tight with wrestling.
Usually he can't stand gimmicks like that, but not with Scotty.

William Brady - People like him very much, but I didn't have the chance to witness him in person yet.
Looks good, but I can't see any greatness there. A solid midcarder if a little more, he's on a tag team with Ashley Sixx as The Mayhem Express and they click nicely, they have a few title runs in them.

Alessandro Del Bruno - A solid cruiserweight, he's teaming up with Scotty and they seem to be over, so that's nice.
We'll see how he does in the ring, I have some doubts.

Ashley Sixx - The other half of The Mayhem Express, a nice flashy worker, but the strongest guy we have. Mentally that is.
"Advanced Stage-3 Lymphoma Cancer couldn't stop me, so why should anyone try?" - It's amazing how he overcame that, and what's great about wrestling is that stories like this can only get you over.

Eric Cairnie - He's young, and that's more or less his best attribute. A good heel if anything, he needs to improve if he wants to stay here.

Joe Hendry - I've heard crowds chant "local hero" so many times before finding out why.
He's a singer.
A good one, I'll give him that, but does it help in wrestling?
Apparently so, because he got over very quickly. He can cut promos very well, has some nice technical skills and is only 4 years in the business. I like him, and so should you.

Josh Alexander - Being an announcer and a commentator helps him with his promos, but other than that I can't see much else. Maybe a tag team down the line?

Joey Janela - He's got a bright future, I'm sure of it. And I'll make sure to help him get a name out there, while hopefully get him some good skills in the squared circle.

Kirk Warmack - He's still young and has room to improve, but I'm not too sure if I want to wait for him to do so.

Kobe Durst - Again, very young, we'll see how he does.

Lionel Knight - I'm gonna be honest here, he's not very good. Not sure how long he's got here, but unless he pulls something out of his sleeve, it's not long.

Openers & Enhancement Talent:

Brent Banks - A solid high flyer, can't see much more than a midcarder here, but he's got some nice moves and one of the only babyfaces who can get people to cheer him without needing anything more than his moveset.

Shane Sabre - Kid has some nice sideburns, I must admit. Very average in the ring though, but he has some potential I think.

Justin Sane - He's really just a jobber here. But hey, we all start as ones.

*Brian Pillman Jr. - Do I really need to introduce a name like this for you? A good high flyer, just like his dad, but I'm not too sure if he's got the charisma and promo skills his father had. He's very young, so that might change, and he's injured for about a month.

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