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I'm running a Stampede game as well though I changed it to perf > pop and brought in a few name Canadians because it made sense to me. Jericho, Zayn, Rhino, Petey, Rene, RD are all fun additions. And I'm strongly considering Alex & Chris in the future. And maybe Kenny Omega...

Gym Rats (Alessandro Del Bruno and Scotty O'Shea) vs Hart Foundation 2.0 (Jack Evans and Teddy Hart): Unless you wanna give the Gym Rats a title match, these are the best two guys there.

Tyson Dux vs Joey Janela: Big fan of Janela though and hes my company's loose cannon basically.

Joe Hendry vs Oje Hart - Winner Gets Title Shot Whenever He Wants: Rematch against Ethan Page? Ethan isn't really ready to hold the title. Oje's solid though.

Idk if you're going by stats but Ethan Page isn't really a high flyer xD I think he's had deliberate antics about his inability to do much of anything fancy going top rope. Also not sure how far ahead you've booked but Josh Alexander is pretty solid, I wouldn't disregard him. IRL for sure. Him & Page or him & Dux would make a handy pairing.
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