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Things are starting to come together now, so I'm pretty happy with the last show. Just something to update you guys in terms of my personal life and in terms of shows, I'll more than likely be putting up one a week. I recently started a new job and the hours are different then my last job so I've been adapting to it and I haven't quite got it down yet, meaning I don't have the energy to work on diaries when I get home from work. That being said it won't take long for me to get settled so things might change down the road, but I said I'd better let you guys know.

The one thing I've learned in CGC for this time period is that you really have to think of them as WWE in structure. You really need to start the show with a promo and go from there so I tend to try to stick to that mold. Elite's Monster got his first chance to appear on screen if only for one segment. To be honest, I don't know how important he's going to be in terms of a few months down the road, but I thought he'd be a decent foil for the DeColts at Chamber of Horrors. Ricky, Eddie and Dan winning isn't a big deal but Dan and Arsenal have poor chemistry so that's something to keep in mind. Although, I did like the show, there was a slight feeling of it being very choppy in terms of what I was aiming for and loads of stuff was cut out, angle wise, luckily, most of them will appear in the coming weeks.

The connection for Human Arsenal with the DeColts and Bloodstone with Elite is something I really went back and forth with when I was thinking up this show, I guess it'll be explained why down the road but I'd just thought I'd mention it.

Just a quick question for you guys, which will be down in the predictions section, Thomas Morgan and the Puppet, Yay or Nay. One thing I hate about predictions is people always click who they think they'll win not who they want to win, which I believe helps writers far more. It indicates who the readers like and who they don't. I ask just cause I do have some stuff planned for him and I'd like to see how interested people would be in them as a featured part of the shows and although I have had some positive comments to the Puppet, I don't know how "over" he is.

Next few weeks have been planned out in bullet point format, which will help me down the road if I forget about things I had planned (I tend to do that sometimes).

Also, Sunday's suck. That is all.

CGC Title Bout Wrestling Episode 4 Predictions.

The DeColts (Jack & Steve) v The Elite (Dan DaLay & John Maverick)
Ricky DeColt v Ryan Powell
Eddie Chandler v Alex DeColt v Owen Love v Thomas Morgan [CGC Canadian Title]
Elite's Monster v Human Arsenal

Thomas Morgan and the Puppet: Yay or Nay?
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