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Slammiversary was definitely better than most WWE PPVs, a very well done show and the crowd were into things, which has been a big help since their move from the old Impact Zone.

I've been enjoying the general direction of the company over the last several months. They seem to have realised that they shouldn't try to compete with WWE in being sports entertainment and have brought in a lot of indy stars and crazy, over the top stuff that reminds me a bit of old school ECW (without the ultra violence). Eddie Edwards spiralling into madness with the Sami Callihan feud and the spin off to Tommy Dreamer has been great (Even though Eddie isn't a great actor), while the introduction of Killer Kross over the last few months through TV things has done really well. I'm loving that Brian Cage has been positioned in the X division too, bringing it back to the old "not about weight limits, it's about no limits" mantra that it had when it was at it's peak with AJ vs Daniels vs Joe.

So yeah... Impact has been generally doing very well lately, though some areas are obviously still rebuilding and the women's division continues to be a bit out there... but as a show overall, things are going well and I hope they keep going well.
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