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So I recently started 7 different games, each starting from a different game area. In my European or VWA game I've decided to have the company operate with a "contract" that goes much like RoH's code of honor. In line with that one of the tenants of the Victory Contract being the promotion's no alliances or tag teams rule. With the exception of a tag team tournament that is supposed to be held every October. Of course this would mean I wouldn't have any experienced tag teams running around come tournament time. As such I figured it would be smart to hire at least two experienced teams ahead of time for said event. And two months in already lost one of said teams.

Despite being openers the Agents are probably the happiest guys on my roster. No idea why, probably because they autopushed into the Lower Midcards after they were each squashed, but I won't complain. Then comes the Party Animals. After my first event, Trance overdoses. Surviving with stats that are just awful and a good chance he'll be a repeat offender after being yelled at in his drug addled state. Which leads to the strange thing. The locker room morale seems to be affected both positively and negatively on his OD. Either half the people working for me hate the guy, or half are just jerks.
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