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Originally Posted by Imarevenant View Post
The town waited out the night without incident. It was time to string up another of the percieved threats.

They debated and after a short while placed their votes on the one they thought to be in charge. It was now just a waiting game as they waited for someone to come and finally drop the hammer. When he finally arrived he wasted no time, the decision was finalized.

They dragged him to the gallows, tied the noose and watched as the body went crashing down.

Something peculiar was revealed however, this definately wasn't what they expected to see.

djthefunkchris is dead. He was Sate Pestage, Town Aligned Adviser

Final Vote Count:

djthefunkchris > 3 (Bluestar, RDSinclair, James Casey)
hmmm the opposite of a death miller role i suspect
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