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The game doesn't understand the difference between G-1 Climax, Money in the Bank, and Royal Rumble - it's all your imagination. All you need is to have it defended in the appropriate month - it doesn't even need to be on PPV or anything.

The one catch is that they are listed as won but not lost, but it's mostly imagination. So if you have someone win MITB, then you have them defend the briefcase you would just set it up like any other title match. If they lose the tournament title, the game will see the new winner as though they "just won the tournament" and won't understand the prior owner of the title lost it to the current owner of the belt - again, this is really just imagination and has no bearing on the game.

Tournament Title Prestige - the only thing you can do is have high rated matches on important events. A tournament title being fought over by Hell Monkey and Spencer Spade on TV will naturally have less prestige than one being fought over by Wolf Hawkins and Remo on a "Historic" PPV.

1. Match Quality with good workers.
2. Relevant event, preferably "Historic".
3. The game doesn't know/care about lead-in matches only the finale.

Once, I had three battle royals where the winners faced off in a triple threat. Another time, I had 6 qualifier matches on TV to determine the 6 participants in the Battlecage Brawl. Another time, I had 10 triple threats to determine the 10 members of a battle royale. Just use your imagination and have a lot of fun. I remember another time I had the Alliance Championship, World Championship, and Tournament Championship all on the line in one mega match.
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