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Originally Posted by Historian View Post
I'm still a little mad that DarK_RaideR had him lose the Piledriver Championship to Scythe.
I'm pretty sure RMW is a perf>pop company, but Piledriver certainly is pop>perf so event though Riley is still the backbone of that promotion, I couldn't keep Scythe away from the title forever. I will say this though, your portrayal of McManus in this diary has certainly changed my perception of him forever.

RMW Live #35

RMW Can Am Championship
American Machine versus “The Headhunter” Jeffery Aroma ©
Even if this wasn't spoilered, this is AM's last appearance for RMW

Scout versus Andrew Harper
Scout is on the tail end of his career, putting youngsters over. Harper needs to start off strong

The Heartbreak Express versus Red Army w/ Streetz
Seriously torn here, but I guess Red Army are still pretty new and paying dues. Ralph & Johnny fought for the COTT titles, so they're probably the better team, plus need to bounce back from their loss to the Ring Generals

Rocky Mountain Women’s Championship
Colleen Appleseed versus Wendy Anderson ©
More defenses for Wendy. Wonder if Colleen is an April Appleseed regen or in any way related to her

“Limitless” Bradley D versus Hammer Hadley
Tough call. Think Bradley's the one on the rise right now

“The Sandman” Jules Night versus “Money Talks” Carl DiBiase
Screwy referee finish all the way
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