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Default Alpha-1: Violent Dynasty

Well known for being home to some of the best kick boxing in the world, Alpha-1 has most recently set their sights on another fast rising sport; vale tudo or "No-Holds-Barred". A vicious style of fighting featuring strikes, grappling and submission holds. Their inaugural event for this sport will be held at Alpha-1: Total War 2000.

The fighters involved include former kickboxers and NHB stars alike, including the likes of Edilberto "Ghetto Kid" de Silva, a hard hitting street tough from Brazil known for his violent fighting style and raw muay thai skills, Oleg Dorosklov, a judo Olympian making his NHB debut, Dustin "Big Time" Harris, an undefeated ADCC veteran with powerful takedowns and relentless chokes and Yoshida Takahashi, a catch wrestling expert with a wide array of finishing holds. These fighters and many more will be putting it all on the line, this Saturday at Saitama Super Arena.



Fumiaki Hayashi vs Motoki Hojo
Edilberto de Silva vs Fujimaro Hidaka
Hiro Arai vs Eien Kawano
Oleg Dorokslov vs Suncho Sakurai
Ari Peltonen vs Takafumi Ando
Kojuro Kudo vs Tadao Miyazaki
Dustin Harris vs Shinji Oiwa
Eisaku Nozaki vs Yoritomo Ita
Yoshida Takahashi vs Naizen Hamacho



Bouts will be one 30 minute round and will be judged as a whole.
Elbow strikes are legal, both standing and on the ground.
Knees, stomps and kicks to the head of a downed opponent are legal.
The referee CANNOT stand up two fighters due to inactivity.
If a fighter is knocked down, he will be issued a ten-count. If he cannot continue, the fight will be ruled a KO.

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