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Default The C-Verse Rerender Project: 3rd Strike

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The C-Verse Rerender Project: 3rd Strike

With a new game and new database out it's time to start fresh once again with this project. I'll attempt to keep all pertinent data here in the first post to avoid any confusion or needless repetition of questions. For anyone wondering about the Photobucket, screw Photobucket, we have Dropbox now.


The Goal

The goal of this project is quite simple really; To replace all the renders you've been staring at for ages or just don't care for with new renders that make you go "Wow.", "Oh my.", "AH LOVE IT, MAGGLE!" or something like that.

Potential Artist info

All images in this thread were created with the rendering programs Poser (paid) and DAZ Studio (Free). Please visit the linked sites and their forums to learn more about the programs. Trell's Render Tutorial (using DAZ Studio 3) can be found HERE, DAZ's New to DS4 Youtube playlist can be found HERE. Free content can be found at Renderosity under Free Stuff and ShareCG (acct required for both). I've provided a Render Starter Kit for new artists to DAZ Studio which includes light sets, render presets, and information on key render settings and links to free content. The Kit can be found HERE.


Requests for rerenders are NOT being accepted at this time.


General rules for use are listed below

Use in private games: Allowed
Use in diarys/dynasties/Livestreams: Allowed
Use in mods: Artists Permission Required
Use outside of GDS: Artists Permission Required

(These permissions also apply to the previous Re-render threads & all Render threads (except when stated otherwise))


Most rerenders from the original threads can be found through these links

The C-Verse Re-Render Photobucket
Tag List
The C-Verse Rerender Thread 2 Photobucket
Tag List

All current and past renders & re-renders can be found through this link

The C-Verse Render Download Center
(Those with a dropbox acct can choose to add the folder to their Dropbox. It will update automatically as renders are added to it. Those without can choose Download -> download as zip in the root or in any of the individual folders)

Included in The Download Center
  • CVerse Rerender Project v1
  • CVerse Rerender Project v2
  • CVerse Reremder Project v3
  • Render Thread Collection
  • TEW 10 Default Pictures
  • TEW 13 Default Pictures
  • TEW 16 Default Pictures
  • Various Full Size Renders
  • TEW Alts
  • WMMA 4 Default Pictures
  • WMMA 4 Render Thread
  • Render Starter Kit for DAZ Studio 4.5+

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