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Default Miami Heat: The Next Jordan (2006-???)


This is going to be my first dynasty in a long time, and I'm interested to see how it turns out because I only did TEW before. Dwyane Wade was (and is) my favorite player in the NBA, so this is a great year to start. How will the Heat bounce back from their 2006 title win over the Dallas Mavericks? Will Shaquile O'Neal continue his all star-level play, and will Dwyane Wade cement himself as one of the greatest to ever step onto the court? Hopefully, the championships will continue to come to Miami, and eventually, we may have ourselves a big 3...

A Look at the Team:


We have a solid roster to start, but I will definitely need to make some trades to get some more shooters and playmakers around Wade. Shaq will be a great secondary option alongside Wade, and in the right matchup, will be our main scoring threat. However, his age is a concern and he may be traded for the right offer. Gary Payton (12 mil) and Alonzo Mourning (9 mil) are also taking up a massive amount of space for people of their ages and skillsets, so a deal might me made over the offseason. If not, Payton can be a serviceable starting point guard for the time being. Our biggest concern will be getting Wade to agree to an extension before he can hit free agency, but why would he want to leave Miami anyways?
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