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All-Star Break Recap

Up to this point, the Heat have had an underwhelming season,going just 29-23 over the first half of the season. There are many reasons for this poor performance; the Heat are among the worst teams in turnovers as well as offensive rebounds per game, quite surprising considering that Shaq is on the team. Shaq is also having a disappointing season, just averaging 17 points per game along with 8 rebounds. However, he is getting his points very efficiently as he is shooting over 61 percent from the field. Dwyane Wade is in the top 10 scoring leaders in the NBA, averaging just over 25 points per game, and has also made a case for being the best passer at his position. 4 games behind the second seed Nets, will the 5th seed Miami be able to recover from their current situation and jump up a few spots in the rankings? With a possible trade on the way, Miami may have a late season surge and become a darkhorse in the Eastern Conference.

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