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So Raw was pretty good if you ignore the filler segments.


- Miz putting over the IC title like Heyman puts over Lesnar
- Bo and Axel fighting over who can suck up most to Miz
- Strowman using a freaking grapple hook to try to kill Lesnar and Kane!
- Jason Jordan's character is hilarious
- Woken Matt's new entrance song
- Elite, Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale were namedropped
- Balor Club vs Discount Shield is a fun feud. Add the Miztourage to the mix and the tag division is getting more interesting. Revival might need to turn babyface when they re-debut again to balance it out.
- Titus Worldwide beat The Bar


- Woken Matt's titantron theme hasn't been updated for his new character
- Creative is beating a dead horse with these Bray/Matt laugh-offs. The fact they were in the ring this time is progress I guess.
- The women's division has stalled heading into the Rumble
- Nia busting Alexa's scheme by claiming Asuka can't speak English was stupid because Asuka's catchphrase is in English and she tweets in English.
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