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I have Comic Book Hero but it has been a few years since I played it.

I also have Fastbreak Pro Basketball which is a great game, but it can be buggy. I honestly cannot recommend buying that game even though it is good.

Mainly because if you have a save ending bug there is nobody you can talk to, to fix it. Brian, who created the game, has not been active on here for years and Arlie did not even bother to answer my PM asking him if there was a way I could get tech support for the game.

It is one of those games that if you buy it you do so at your own risk because once they get your money they are not going to do anything to help you if the game runs into a save ending bug and it has happened often to me.

Honestly, you are better off just sticking with games made by either Adam or Derek D. because both are great when it comes to any issues with their games.
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