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I've read this thread several times over and running the ball is just ridiculous. The game engine just seems to totally disregard match-ups when it comes my team. I'm trying to play out one of my games right now and my starting LG is rated 85 in Run Block, 68 Strength, 82 Aggr. My LT is 77 RB, 69 STR. The opposing team DT is 64 POA and 24 STR. Let me repeat that. 24 Strength. The DE thats lined up against my LT is 46 POA and 48 STR. A CLEAR match-up advantage in my favor and yet i'm getting no yardage. I'm getting insane results like the SS is closing up the hole as fast as it opened or whatever the play by play is. Here's the thing... the SS is not blitzing. Their in a zone coverage yet their ridiculously weak D-linemen are somehow holding the point of attack long enough for the SS who is not blitzing to close the hole before my RB can get through it. And this is on quick straight ahead plays like "Power" or "Straight - LG". I've restarted this game like 4 times because i can't make it through three offensive drives without getting frustrated when i look at my run totals and i'm averaging like 1 yard a carry. I shouldn't have to "loosen up the D" or trick the CPU by running in pass situations. Not in this match-up. I have a clear talent advantage that's producing ridiculous results. This is what steered me away from calling plays back in the early years of this game because the fun is just sucked out of it with crap like this. I'm convinced that there's a difficulty programmed against the human in this aspect of the game unless you have 5 All-American type linemen like the ones posted earlier in this thread. I should be able to play to the strength of my team in the right match-up and not be forced to throw the ball 50+ times against a weak D-line to move the ball and score points. That defeats the purpose of recruiting, gameplanning, match-up's, etc.
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