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Main Event
COTT World Tag Team Championship
Sixty Minute Time Limit
American Demolition versus The New Gods of Thunder[Atlas and Big Smack Scott] (c) w/ Lisa Bowen
Of course the Smacker is here when you need him! But he’s gonna eat the L

Semi Main Event
Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship
Sixty Minute Time Limit
Puerto Rican Power versus "The Evolution" Primus Allen (c) w/ Lisa Bowen
Ooooh Power has made a career out of crushing monsters but that’s FCW and this is Rocky Mountain Wrestling! Primus gets the win to continue his domination

Special Attraction
Rocky Mountain Tag Team Championship
Forty-Five Minute Time Limit
The Specialists [Bobby Thomas and Nate Johnson] versus Riley McManus and KC Glenn (c)
Tag team specialists or not, they’ve never faced a couple of Georgia Bulldogs! (Glenn gets to borrow the name until they split lol)

Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
"The Hawaiian Strong Man" Ekuma versus "Intrepid" Ian Identity

Opening Match
Singles Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
"Glorious" Logan Diaz versus Wesley Browning
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