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Originally Posted by Makhai View Post
I doubt they have plans for it to be anything other than what the WCW Cruiserweight Division was(good curtain jerkers for their events, good quarter-hour fodder on the half-hours) That's why all these 20-somethings with gymnastics experience who are good looking and green as grass make a lot of sense short-medium term. My only fear is, that Brandi is on BTE right now an awful lot and they're trying to get her over as an in ring act over the last month or so.

Don't get me wrong, she's probably the 2nd or 3rd most beautiful African American woman on the planet right now, and she's a great personality and choice for CBO, but she's always been hopeless in the ring. She wants to ring announce, or color commentates, that would be great but let us not turn the Women's Division into a Brandi Rhodes vanity project.
I can understand your scepticism what with WWE always tooting their own horn about pushing women and TNA/Impact bein inconsitsent with their Knockouts Division over the years... but the AEW team have been touting equal pay for women and the AEW/BTE videos have been equally focused on signings of both genders.

Brandi is more focused on her Chief Brand Officer role so I doubt she'll be wrestling much.

My hope is that the Men's singles division, Women's Singles Division and the Men's Tag Division get equal billing. With a 60 minute weekly show you could fit in 1 short match from each division and a main event rotating through the divisions each week depending on what storyline is hot.
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