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Originally Posted by Remianen View Post
Some notes are contradictory. For example, 'Keep Strong' and 'Victor'. If someone is winning, they're already strong. You use the 'keep strong' note on the person losing if you want them to come out of the match looking better than they might have otherwise. However, if you use the Open Match note, you don't need to use Keep Strong because an open match has both people looking good and the loss will only affect the loser in a decreased fashion (they'll lose less momentum and overness). But, it won't cancel out gimmick effect related losses (i.e. a legit/brute gimmick worker losing to a gimmicky or a cool/cocky gimmick worker losing period).
Your "Keep Strong" explanation is basically correct, but it also has the effect of "Protect", and can work sometimes as weaker version of "Dominate" (though it is not the same thing, obviously). However, it does drag down the match grade more than Protect does (usually), but does not drag the grade down as much as "Dominate" does (but also does not provide as good of a showing as "Dominate" does).

Also want to add, "Open Match" requires higher psychology requirements than a normal match. Not sure how much, though.

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