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New Release

Hey everyone, this Mod has been dormant for quite some time since I've had computer issues (meaning I had lost all progress on an updated database and the pic pack) and some issues of my own.

This is a small update just to fix some of the bugs that have been reported in this thread in the past months.

What's been done:

Title Lineages have been updated (still working on the IC one as it's a mess to find all of them in the Editor)
Fox Sports Net (FSN) has been added with its TNA Impact TV Contract
TNA Stables have been updated. Most of them have been made Inactive as all of them disbanded in 2004 or earlier.
Kings of Wrestling (Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) has been added as the stable was still active until early 2005 before it became Planet Jarrett
Cassidy Reilly (Babyface - Underdog) and Dustin Rhodes (Babyface - NGN) have been added to TNA.



FSN Logo (goes in TEW16/Pictures/2005/Broadcasters under the name "Fox_Sports_US" [no quotes])

Moving forward

I plan on updating this more frequently moving forward as well as continue working on the picture pack, which will take some time. I hope to have the TNA portion of it done by tomorrow at the latest.

Popularity is also still a problem (especially in WWE) making the game easy and with ridiculous ratings right from the off. This is tricky to balance and needs constant updating, I'm open to suggestions and tips on who should be less or more popular.

Some of you may prefer the (in my view) unrealistic popularity though which means I'll have two versions of the database moving forward.

One will leave the popularity as it is now (unless some extreme cases need fixing), the other will try to get the popularity down to realistic levels making it an harder game.

The Japanese scene is also still a work in progress as well the Joshi scene which I'm unfortunately very ignorant to. If any of you would like to help, I'd appreciate it.

As always, any bug reports are welcome and thanks for reading. Enjoy!

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