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After much discussion, the Viper's Den have come together with their first film of the year. It's ambitious and not only that, it takes us to a land we've never done a movie on. Mother Russia, prepare to meet snake.

TITLE: Natalie: The Russian Princess That Wasn't
GENRE: Animation
PLOT SUMMARY: An insecure foreign exchange student Natalie Evans is courted by two princes after three barbers offer to give her a princess’s makeover just in time for the annual ball. But when the magic begins to wear off and the true look of Natalie is revealed, who will come home the victor?
DISTRIBUTION SIZE: Abstain until negotiations.
DIRECTOR: As this is a film meant more for the female demographic, we will be aiming for someone who is well capped for such movies: Jennifer Lee, Brenda Chapman and Lauren Faust.


Natalie: Originally from America, Natalie had been selected from a handpicked group of students to represent her country for one week to go to a Russian academy. She's seen as a generally intelligent person who most of knows how to lead the way throughout most situations. There's just one problem, she's been known to be insecure about her looks and has always dreamed about being like the girls on television or on the movie screen. But as she'll soon learn, it's so much more than looks that make the person.

Contact: Emma Watson, Shannon Chan Kent and Holly Gauthier-Frankel

Prince Parov: One of two princes of Russia, the public generally know him as the high-class snob that only the very best can even dare dream earning respect from, let alone meeting him. But away from the public, he has a sensitive, truly caring side. He loves painting and sees it as an escape to showcase his true feelings. He's also a very good sword fighter who has had many years of training from his days as a knight.

Contact: John Travolta, Gary Oldman, Howard McGillian, Brad Kane and Roger Bart

Prince Makato: One of two princes of Russia, the public generally know him as the easy going charmer who the ladies can't help but adore. He lives life to the fullest and will take everything in stride in the name of Russia. But behind closed doors comes a darker, more sinister foe. A card-carrying, womanizing, devil-may-care foe who's ruthless nature will not let him stop until he gets what he wants. His sister Sasha usually worries for his sanity.

Contact: John Travolta (also contacted for this role), Gary Oldman (also contacted for this role), Gary Barlow and Corey Burton.


Boris: Once upon a time, Boris was a bear with aspirations. He dreamt of being a magician that the entire world would adore, but as time passed and he tried to achieve this dream, he found that people tended to be scared of bears rather than entertained by them. He has since fallen in a mid-life crisis and the only things that seem to please him these days are when he's hanging out with Donovan or when he's with his honey jars. He suffers a lot from lonesomeness as well and holds a faint glimmer of hope that one day he'll see his dream realized.

Contact: Frank Welker, Rob Paulsen, Jim Cummings and Peter Cullen.

Donovan D. Duck: Donovan is an...interesting duck. Instead of swimming around the ponds, quacking the day away while eating seeds and grains, he dines on roast beef and writes poetry. His favorite thing in the world is to look at the kalinkas (snowball trees) all across his pond. Donovan is quite the optimistic spirit and very few things keep him down, but it also comes to note that he has a bit of an ego.

Contact: Steve Whitmire, how would you like to make a comeback?

Sasha: The sister of Prince Makato, one of the lead guards in the Russian military and a straight A student at the academy Natalie will be going to, Sasha seems to have everything made. She's willing to use brute force if necessary and she has garnered the respect of many students for being a fantastic sword fighter. Sasha is also a very mysterious and enclosed person, rarely ever smiling or showing any emotion. At first, she starts off as suspicious to Natalie, even becoming somewhat of an early antagonist for her, but as time passes she begins to warm up to her and is willing to defend her.

Contact: Kathleen Barr, Kazumi Evans and Holly Gauthier-Frankel (also contacted for this role).

Chako: When it comes to being a tour guide, Chako is no slouch. He knows his way around Russia and has for many years, being able to list everything historic about the country. He's a bit of an oddball, but people love him just because of that. He is easily impressed with American culture despite having never been to America. He also knows some of the secrets to happiness.

Contact: Yakov Smirnoff. You hold the responsibility of teaching all those who make the final cast some Russian.


Vladimir: One of three barbers in the 'Red Shave' barbershop and the youngest of them all. He tends to sing tenor.

Contact: Rob Paulsen, Jeff Bennett, Noel MacNeal and Vincent Martella free to promote movie however you see fit. Will return in our next film as a leading actor.

Kazmir: One of three barbers in the 'Red Shave' barbershop and the middle man of the three. He tends to sing baritone.
Contact: David Bedella, free to promote movie however you see fit.

Orav: One of three barbers in the 'Red Shave' barbershop and the oldest of the three. He tends to sing bass.
Contact: Seth Green and Tay Zonday, free to promote movie however you see fit.

As a contractual objective: All those contacted are required to learn a little bit of Russian. The actors for Sasha, Donovan D. Duck, Vladimir, Kazmir and Orav especially are to learn some Russian for the purpose of song and characters. The exception this rule is Yakov Smirnoff as he is fluent in the language and will be happy to teach you some if need be.

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