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Originally Posted by Azul View Post
I don't find him wanting to be a lower tier talent to be unrealistic. What I find unrealistic is I can use him 6 times a year as an active wrestler in the ring and he doesn't get upset about not being used more. When I was trying to sign him he specifically said he didn't want to be a guy who never wrestles. I don't see there being much of a difference at all between a guy who never wrestles and a guy who wrestles 6 times a year.
Tell that to Daniel Bryan!

I think it's levels though, he is willing to wrestle as basically an occasional wrestler as a nostalgia act but not be fully out of the ring. Someone else may not be willing to be a nostalgia act and in that case you couldn't do the 6 times a year thing. I'd say it's a bit like Jerry Lawler a few years back - he was mainly a colour commentator but still wanted the occasional match on a fairly big stage.
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