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Default We Want Wrestling!

Hi guys!

This is my first diary so please be patient. Also, english it's not my native language so there may be some gramatical errors in my text, please let me know if you see one so I can learn by mistakes.

Even tho I'm not a new TEW player, I never took it too serious. I will try to make this savegame a really good one because it's more than a savegame. I am at Faculty of Informatics and I have a project: I will make a news site based on what happen in my savegame, like

Also, I like to play a little bit fantasy. I will play with WWE and there will be a lot of returns, a lot of changes and a lot of new wrestlers. My database it's Fleisch's September 2017 Real World but modified by me. That's all for now.
Sooo, that's being said, here's my WWE Universe.

(to be continued)
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