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The first Danger Zone TV of 2007 is upon us and there's plenty of stuff that we need to find out. For one, we need somebody to take on the title of the number one contender for the Unified title. Who else would be in a match of this type but two of DAVE's biggest stars, Shawn Gonzalez and Chris Caulfield, who will come out on top? We also pit Travis Century against Art Reed to decide who will be the number one contender to the Brass Knuckles title, and round off the trio as the McWade brothers take on The New Wave to become the number one contender for the tag titles. Plenty of questions going into this show, hopefully, we'll get the answers to some by the time it ends.
Quick Picks

Adrenaline Rush v The Latino Kings

Number One contender match for DAVE Tag Team Titles
The McWade Brothers v The New Wave

Number One contender match for DAVE Brass Knuckles Title
Art Reed v Travis Century

Number One contender match for DAVE Unified Title
Chris Caulfield v Shawn Gonzalez

Please Note, This is DAVE. All matches are no DQ unless specified. We are real men, unlike other promotions.
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