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DAVE Danger Zone TV
McGaw Arena (Tri-State)

Mitch: Hello everybody, my name is Mitch Naess and welcome to the Danger Zone. I'm joined today by my good friend, Phil Vibert. Tonight, we have a huge event for you guys where we find out who will face our three champions at Counter Culture.
Phil: That's right, Mitch. This is DAVE. We actually put on matches that people want to see and we need number one contenders for our titles belts so tonight we put on the matches that need to be put on, we make our fans happy.
Mitch: No doubt, Phil. We gotta huge show tonight, lets get it going.


"Friendly Actions?"

[Teddy Powell sits in his locker room, glancing around the room]

Teddy: Come on, Cat. I have a match soon.

[Cat peaks her head out from behind the curtain]

Cat: I'm almost done, it'll be worth your while.

[Cat goes back behind the curtain]

Cat: Okay, I'm ready.

[Cat appears from behind the curtain with a skimpy bikini on]

Cat: What do you think?

[Teddy's eyes widen as he fumbles over his words]

Cat: That's settled, you like it.

"Long Time Friend"

[At this moment, Sammy Bach enters the locker room, going straight for Teddy]

Cat: Hi Sammy

Sammy: yeah, hi, whatever Cat. Listen Teddy I need you to do me a favour.

[Teddy gets up off his feet and nods to Sammy]

Sammy: I need you to take this note to The McWade Brother, it's urgent apparently.

[Without questioning, Teddy takes the note and leaves the room, Sammy can't contain himself as he smirks devilishly. We hear a "What the Hell is this?" coming from the McWades and a large thumping noise. Teddy returns to the locker room holding his face, his cheek glowing red, Sammy bursts out laughing.]

Sammy: Man, you should not bring a note to the McWade's saying "I think you look like a fat pile of sh!t", that kinda stuff will get you hurt.

[Sammy continues to laugh as Teddy looks unimpressed]

Sammy: Aw, come on Ted. It's just a joke between two buddies. Look we got a match coming up next, put your anger into that. I'll see you out there... buddy.

Rating: 58/C-
Mitch: That... that's friendly banter?
Phil: Yeah. You wouldn't know anything about that though Mitch.
Mitch: Why's that?
Phil: Cause you have no friends.
Mitch: Uh, aren't you my friend?
Phil: Yeah, sure Mitch.. Sure you are.
Mitch: Anyway, Teddy and Sammy have a match against The Latino Kings, and that's up next.

Adrenaline Rush (Sammy Bach & Teddy Powell)w/ Cat Jemson v The Latino Kings (Hector Galindo & Rudy Velasquez)

  • The match begins with Powell and Velaquez in the ring. Powell is more technical than the aggressive Velasquez and the Latino Kings work him over in the early going
  • Despite their rookie status, The Latino Kings keep fresh, tagging in and out regularly and targetting Powell's face and keeping him away from his partner.
  • However, a flurry from Powell gets him the comeback and Galindo looks in trouble however, powell isn't wuite able to capitalise due to drowsiness from the beating his head has taken tonight.
  • However, he shakes off the cobwebs, Powell hits a vicious dropkick to Galindo and knocks Velazquez off the apron. He screams loudly to the approval of the crowd as he looks for the Motion censor (Roundhouse Kick).
  • As he sets it up, he backs into his corner, but to his shock, Bach tags himself in.
  • Galindo makes it to his feet and is hit with a Bach on your Back (Bodylock Inverted Sleeper) and Bach pins him for the win.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____
Winner: Adrenaline Rush by pinfall in 8:03
Finishing Move: Bach on your Back (Bodylock Inverted Sleeper)
Rating: 55/C-
Mitch: Sammy just stole the win.
Phil: Sammy didn't steal anything, his team won, Teddy shouldn't care.
Mitch: Well, it sure looks like he does, a blatant show of disrespect.
Phil: Mitch don't talk crap. Their team won they're happy.
Mitch: Well, it's not like we see The New Wave behaving like this and speaking of The New Wave, they have a match against The McWades to decide the number one contenders for the tag titles.


The New Wave (Scout & Guide) v The McWade Brothers (Dallas & Dean McWade)

  • The match begins exactly as you'd expect with Guide and Dallas hitting each other with vicious clubbing blows.
  • Both teams are known to be top quality tag teams, and we see that early on as whenver either team takes control, there are regular tags to keep each other fresh.
  • Eventually, the McWades take control targeting Scout.
  • The McWades use vicous brawling tactics and really beat down Scout.
  • However, Dean gets caught by a swift inziguri kick counter and Scout crawls over to Guide and tags him in for a huge pop.
  • Guide goes wild battering Dean and even knocking Dallas off the apron before he hits a Guided Missile (Northern Lights Bomb) on Dean.
  • He then gets Scout and they hit the Wave of Mutilation (Tag Tower Legdrop), Guide then pins Dean for the win.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____
Winner: The New Wave by pinfall in 11:51
Finishing Move: Wave of Mutilation (Tag Tower Legdrop)
Rating: 64/C

"A War Returns"

[In the ring, The New Wave begin to celebrate as they become the number one contenders to the titles. The rapid crowd cheering them on.]

Mitch: And there we have it Phil, our number one contenders.
Phil: You talk about a hard hitting match Mitch, this one has gotta be up there. What a brawl.
Mitch: No surprises there, but you gotta say that The New Wave may just be...

"Spoiling the Party"

[Entering onto the ramp, Braun holds a mic in his hand, all the while Tank stands beside him. The crowd boo the arrival of the Tag team champs as Braun begins to speak]

Braun: So, that's it is it? The DAVE originals win again, The New Wave.

[Braun puts his head down, chuckles and shakes his head]

Braun: You people just don't realise that these so called "DAVE originals" ain't sh!t. DAVE ain't sh!t. Time and time again you refer to how "you won the war". I'll admit you won the battle, but the war still rages on, I am the legacy of a defunct promotion in this company and my good friend Tank Bradley here is not being trained the DAVE way, he's been trained the best way, the right way. At Counter Culture, I'll look forward to destroying more DAVE originals, and destroying their precious hardcore sh!tty wrestling revolution as well.

Rating: 64/C
Mitch: Well, it's never a surprise to see Phil but Alex Braun means business.
Phil: Braun thinks he's great for being the last to hold a title for a promotion that died almost ten years ago, until the revolution became too much and he was beaten, like the rest, by Johnny Martin. He's past it Mitch, much like his beloved dead promotion.
Mitch: Well I don't disagree with you Phil and at Counter Culture, The New Jersey Devils have one of the biggest tests of their reign so far.
Phil: Much like Jack Giedroyc, after the next match.
Mitch: No matter who wins these matches, Phil, our champions will have a huge test. There are no easy match-ups in DAVE


Art Reed v Travis Century

  • Century and Reed approach the match very differently as Reed is more technical while Century is more of a brawler.
  • Reed takes advantage early using his quickness and technical prowess to tie Century up in knots, despite not dealing much damage
  • Century gets a few power moves in but none that keep Reed down.
  • Reed then suddenly grabs the arm and looks for the Dread Lock (One arm underhook Camel Clutch), but Century is able to power out of it.
  • Century hits a nasty clothesline on Reed as he rushes forward though and the momentum shifts.
  • Century breaks out the power moves, some that cause some real damage to Reed's shoulder, not only to set up his finisher, Salvation (Shoulder Breaker) but also to hinder Reed's effectiveness with the Dread Lock (One Arm underhooked Camel Clutch)
  • Reed is finally able to get out of the rut and begins to flurry, he rushes forward but Century uses his momentum to pick him up and hit Salvation (Shoulder Breaker) which gives Century the win.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____
Winner: Travis Century by pinfall in 14:09
Finishing Move: Salvation (Shoulder Breaker)
Rating: 64/C

"The King of the Underworld"

[After the match, Travis Century grabs the microphone, puts his head down before he speaks]

Century: I.... am a follower. A man who will follow a leader to the very end. My leader... is Lucifer and in just a few short weeks, he will guide me on my mission. He will guide me to what my goal is. My true goal. Jack Giedroyc, you better be ready. You are my target, you are what my future holds and when it's all said and done, you will follow Lucifer too.

Rating: 61/C
Mitch: .... Travis Century is weird.
Phil: Yeah, but he won and that makes him the number one contender.
Mitch: Jack better be prepared for this, it won't be easy. At Counter Culture, Jack faces a real tough challenge.
Phil: Are you forgetting something Mitch?
Mitch: Definitely not, Phil. I know what's up nex......


"The Agency"

[Mitch's speech is suddenly interrupted by the theme song of Emma Chase. Joined by Joey Minnesota, Chase walks to the ring with Minnesota in tow. She gets a mic and begins to speak.]

Chase: Hello everybody, my name is Emma Chase. The owner of the famous talent agency, The Chase Agency. I have been hired by the board of directors to find the next superstars to secure DAVE's future as a successful, profitable company.

[The fans boo viciously, hating the fact that Chase is calling DAVE a company]

Mitch: DAVE has a board of directors?
Phil: This is news to me just as much as it is to you.

Chase: And due to this connection between I and the board of directors, I have negotiated a deal to place my client, Joey Minnesota, into the main event. The winner becomes the number one contender for the Unified title and Joey Minnesota will be the winner.

Rating: 70/C+
Mitch: What kind of crap is this?
Phil: Hey, if the board of directors say so, we can't argue.
Mitch: You just mentioned on how that might be a lie.

Chris Caulfield v Shawn Gonzalez v Joey Minnesota w/ Emma Chase

  • The match starts prety slowly as Caulfield and Gonzalez attempt to rid of Minnesota and fling him out of the ring.
  • Caulfield and Gonzalez have a minor exchange as they tie up, but can't do much before Minnesota is back in, hitting both men with strikes.
  • He then runs off the ropes but Gonzalez and Caulfield hit him with a double clothesline.
  • Gonzalez then turns immediately and hits a nasty kick to the gut of Caulfield and he takes control
  • Gonzalez is firmly in control when Minnesota retuns and the two exchange
  • Gonzalez gains control again and Minnesota looks in trouble, Gonzalez grabs his legs and looks for the Latino Crab (Boston Crab) but Minnesota kicks him away
  • Minnesota gets up and Gonzalez dropkicks him over the ropes and out of the ring
  • With Minnesota out, Caulfield charges Gonzalez but gets caught and Gonzalez grabs the legs and locks in the Latino Crab (Boston Crab) tight.
  • Caulfield is in extreme pain as Gonzalez sits down further on Caulfields back and Caulfield begins to fade.
  • Caulfield evetually loses consciousness and the referee begins to lift up Caulfields hands for the submission



  • No, Minnesota hits Gonzalez in the back with a chair and he releases the hold, Caulfield is still out and the other two men are down.
  • Gonzalez and Minnesota begin to trade elbows until Minnesota takes control
  • Out of nowhere, Minnesota hits the Empire Spiral (Back Suplex into Spike Slam) and pins Gonzalez



  • No again, as Caulfield comes out of nowhere and breaks up the fall
  • Clearly still groggy, Caulfield is actually up after Minnesota and he looks for the Empire Spiral (Back Suplex into Spike Slam) again and Caulfield turns around
  • However, he counters it and spins around the back of Minnesota and hits the Danger Drop (Reverse Snap Inverted DDT)
  • Emma Chase then grabs Minnesota and rolls him out of the ring to deny the pinfall and attends to him on the outside
  • Caulfield then turns around and dodges an oncoming Gonzalez, hits the Danger Drop (Reverse Snap Inverted DDT) and pins




__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____
Winner: Chris Caulfield by pinfall in 19:52
Finishing Move: Danger Drop (Reverse Snap Inverted DDT)
Rating: 70/C+
Notes: Chris Caulfield injured Shawn Gonzalez (Burst Appendix)

"Peaking your Interest"

Mitch: He did it! Chris Caulfield defeats all the odds again. After being knocked unconscious by the pain of Shawn Gonzalez' Latino Crab, but he came back ans regained his composure to come out and top.
Phil: Gonzalez had him though, Mitch. Chris got lucky.
Mitch: Chris didn't get lucky, he....

"Taking his Chances"

[At this point, the DAVE Unified champion, Eddie Peak runs in through the crowd and hits Caulfield with six vicious chair shots. Peak stands over the fallen Caulfield as blood drips off his face onto the canvas.]

Mitch: What?!
Phil: I guess his luck ran out
Mitch: Ran out? Peak is taking a cheap shot as his challenger.

[Eddie continues to destroy Caulfield and hits him with a Peak of Perfection (Crucifix Powerbomb). Peak stands tall, his arms aloft as the crowd boo and throw garbage in the ring. The screen fades to black on a wide image of Peak standing tall]

Rating: 78/B

TV RATING: 0.37 (283,710)
"Supreme TV" EPISODE GRADE: 85/B+
MAIN EVENT: Jack Bruce & Christian Faith def. The Almighty Dollar 97/A+
TV RATING: 9.10 (6,826,100)

"Total Wrestling" EPISODE GRADE: 64/C
MAIN EVENT: Liberty def. BLZ Bubb 74/B-
TV RATING: 6.11 (4,589,950)

"American Wrestling" EPISODE GUIDE: 58/C-
MAIN EVENT: The Demons of Rage def. Bruce The Giant & Freddie Datsun 60/C
TV RATING: 0.53 (400,260)
P.S Thanks for Eisen-Verse for letting me use his format

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